Saturday, August 6, 2017 – Yep, it is Foggy

This spot on the Cobblestone Trail is my favorite spot for a picture of the lighthouse on blue sky days, but it is equally beautiful on foggy ones as well

The morning started out with patchy fog and soon became heavy, wet dense fog.  We knew there would not be a ferry today but we were completely unsure if anyone would find the island in this soup. On mornings like this there is no rush to get everything open and ready for people, in fact, if you keep any doors or windows open, the condensation from the fog collects on the screens and everything gets wet.

Brian made a great scramble for breakfast, a little of this and a little of that from the refrigerator.  His creations without a recipe are usually the best and it was another successful treat this morning. Today I am going to finish making up the guest quarters because we are expecting 5 people on Monday if the weather holds out.  As I was making up the beds, I looked out the window and saw Pond Island surrounded by fog.  I needed to grab the camera and run up to the tower platform to see if I can capture at least some of the eerie images.

Pond Island Lighthouse at the mouth of the Kennebec River

Pond Island Light and Ellingwood Rock in the foreground

We decided to walk to the engine house and bring up another 5-gallons of water, it is much easier to carry when it isn’t hot and sunny out.  When we got down there, the young family on the trimaran from yesterday were still here and building a sandcastle on the cove beach.  Their hope is for the fog to lift enough to get them to Boothbay today. While I was down on the beach, I saw a juvenile seagull on the beach being protected by 2 adults.  It was one of the three that were hatched up on a cliff overhanging the beach.  It appears this one was a little careless or bold and fell off the cliff and can’t fly back up, his 2 nestmates are still up on the cliff.  Hopefully he stays safe until he gets his flying feathers.

one of three gulls that hatched on the cliff above the beach, this one took a tumble but I guess bumbles do bounce
The parents are still feeding him on the beach and there is a lot of squawking going on when another seagull lands near the beach, the parents are still very protective

By noon, the fog was a mess, the visibility was less than 200 feet, we couldn’t see the whistle house roof from the cottage and the weather station at the top of the tram was just barely visible. As the fog continued, we kind of just lazed for the afternoon until suddenly out of the fog, 8 people walk up the hill!  They came from Georgetown for a visit, by boat!  Yikes, the transmissions on the VHF radio did not sound like anyone should be out for a fun trip across the Sheepscot, there were many near misses and heated words over the radio from other mariners.  Brian took them up the tower while I worked on the garden some more, a little weeding and a lot of harvesting.  Pea Pods are again the choice for dinner, but more green beans, zucchini and summer squash were ready also.  I wanted to show the hose system Brian rigged up to make it even easier for me to water the garden, hey, not carrying out 10-12 watering cans full of water, anything is easier.

Picking pea pods – it is the veggie again for the 11th night!
Sam hanging out with me while I am in the garden
Picture 1 of the new watering system, Brian found an old bent hose holder, repaired it and now the hose is hanging and easily accessible
One of this year’s summer Wednesday Warrior projects, new basement windows. This is the easy access point for the hose turn on contraption of Brian’s design
The on/off valve for the hose hanging just in reach of the new basement window
Now all I have to do is remove the screen, unhook the valve thingy and pull it out to connect it to the longer hose

The rest of the day, we kept taking turns making comments about not having seen the fog this bad. Hopefully with the thunder/rain storms predicted for tonight, the nice weather pattern will continue for a few days.

Brian was taking pictures into the night, he loves how the fog rolls by the light.

Guests today – 8

Guests total – 1169

USCG – 6

Thank you for your support!

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