July 14, 2016

We started off the morning with Bracken Mountain Bakery cranberry scones shipped to us by our friend Jude back in Brevard along with coffee.  Mmmmm…they were good.  Already by breakfast time, it was very warm and humid but also windy with choppy seas and what looked like pretty big swells.  After breakfast, Patty dusted and vacuumed the first floor of both sides of the house while I worked on the blog at the table in our living room.

Sunrise from the front porch
Sunrise from the front porch

Mid-morning, we were surprised to hear two visitors on the front porch but went out to say hello.  They were sailing from Portland to Boothbay and decided to stop at Seguin for a rest.  They said it had been a rough trip so far and they needed to get off the boat and take a break.  In the cove they saw our sign for the museum and gift shop and said they laughed thinking there was no way anyone would be here today because of the weather.  They walked up the hill to stretch their legs and look at the lighthouse and were as surprised to see us as we were to see them.  We explained that we were living here for the summer and were here regardless of the weather.  They spent some time in the museum talking with Patty and then Patty and I both took them up in the lighthouse and out onto the catwalk.  The visibility was hazy but not too bad but it was really windy up there.

Scones from Bracken Mountain Bakery in Brevard, NC.  Thanks Jude!
Scones from Bracken Mountain Bakery in Brevard, NC. Thanks Jude!

While I was waiting to take the guys up in the tower, I was inspecting our (Patty’s) garden and it looked like it needed to be watered so I mentioned that to her and when the visitors left, she took water from one of the 5-gallon buckets she’s using to collect rainwater and watered everything.  That action caused the skies to open up shortly afterwards and we had a little, much needed, rain shower.

Lunch Pizza
Lunch Pizza

Without a group coming and the weather seeming to worsen as the day wore on, Patty made a fancy pizza with red sauce, cheddar & mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, olives, and mushrooms.  We ate that at the kitchen table and then after lunch cleanup, Patty started a big pot of homemade spaghetti sauce and then made more granola for me for our regular fruit and yogurt breakfasts.

Lunch Pizza
Lunch Pizza

We were expecting a group from Outward Bound to come in this afternoon to either camp or sleep on their boats.  I don’t really get what she was saying but Cyndy said they will come in long boats (I think that’s what she called them) that they row.  If the weather is good, they will camp in our camping area but if it’s not and they’re concerned about their boats (moored or pulled ashore, I’m not sure), they will lay their oars across the boat and sleep on top of the oars.  I want to see this because I can’t envision it.  Anyway, we figured they would come up the hill if they arrived to let us know but since Patty was busy with the sauce and granola, I walked down the hill to see if they were down there.  Nope.

Patty's homemade spaghetti sauce simmering on the stove
Patty’s homemade spaghetti sauce simmering on the stove

I brought up an extra big trash can up the hill went up the hill and over to the Whistle House with it where I spent some exciting time sorting through a bin of scrap wood trying to organize it by type of wood (pressure treated, trim, etc.).  I picked out stuff that seems usable versus stuff for the burn pile and filled the extra can with the burnable scraps.  I was really just killing time on a slow day where it was too windy and damp to do much else when Patty called to say two more visitors had arrived.  Yea.

Repainted tower donation box
Repainted tower donation box

I walked up the hill and met them in the museum where Patty was chatting with them.  They were brothers, one from Bath and the other from San Frisco who were out on their own boat specifically to visit Seguin.  We told them we were surprised to see anyone this afternoon and the brother from Bath said the trip over was a little rough but the one from San Francisco couldn’t understand it – to him, this was perfect boating weather.  I guess it’s

Fancified donation slot in the gift shop countertop
Fancified donation slot in the gift shop counter top

different out west.  The Bath brother had been to Seguin before but the San Fran one had not and was really interested in everything and asked lots of questions.  Up on the catwalk, the fog was coming in waves so that we would have good visibility for a few minutes and then almost no visibility for a few more.  And it was still really windy up there.  Maybe even more than this morning.

After they left, Patty and I went down the hill again to check to see if Outward Bound had come yet.  Still nope.  Cyndy expected they’d come regardless of the weather but looking at the waves from up top, I didn’t think so.  Down in the cove though, the water was calm and it was really warm because we were protected from the wind coming more from the south.  It was close to low tide so we had lots of sandy beach and stayed down there for 15-20 minutes I’d guess.

Some greens from the garden for dinner
Variety of greens from the garden for dinner

When we got back up the hill, Patty repainted the donation box that sits at the top of the lighthouse tower to make it stand out a little more and also fancied up the donation slot in the gift shop to do the same.

As afternoon turned to evening, the wind picked up even more and we were slowly blanketed with fog that started as wisps blowing around the house and ended up thick along with light rain.  We didn’t have even a glimpse of sunset – in fact, it was dark much earlier than usual because of the fog.

Patty making scallops, rice, and greens for dinner
Patty making scallops, rice, and greens for dinner

Patty sautéed scallops in oil and garlic for dinner along with rice that had green onion and carrot tops in it, and sautéed garden greens consisting of anything ready to be picked.

On another note, Julie from F.O.S.I.L.S. (our social media contact and guru) posted two more videos on Facebook that you can watch if you click on these links even if you don’t have a Facebook account –

Ethan bringing a group to Seguin on his big boat, the Leeward

Tour of the Guest Quarters

Visitors – 4

Scallops, rice, and greens for dinner
Scallops, rice, and greens for dinner

Favorite Moment(s) – spending time with brothers from Bath & SF

Sunrise – 4:59am
Sunset – 8:12pm

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