Friday, June 23, 2017 – Weekend Guests

As of last night, when we went to bed, the weather was still looking questionable for having the weekend guests arrive to the island.  There was a very small weather window per the NOAA marine forecast where they could arrive.  Without knowing for sure about their arrival, Brian and I decided to hike out on the North Trail where we would be able to see if a boat was coming out from Popham.  The only downfall of the North Trail is the gulls are incredibly protective of their nests and hatchlings.  There is a lot of screeching (both from the gull and us as we are being dive bombed) going on as you walk a certain section of the trail.  We made it to the northern point and saw no boat on its way and decided to head back for breakfast and the start of our days chores.  As we headed back through the ‘dangerous’ section, I made it through without an issue but Brian had a direct poop hit to his head.  He may have used a little negativity towards the gulls and I may have laughed just a little, but it still is not pleasant having to deal with seagull poop!

The next project was to start hauling up the 5 gallon containers of fresh water we brought bag to the island yesterday.  The thing is there is no good way of getting the water up the hill, 5 gallons weighs 40 pounds and we need to climb 130 feet in elevation over a very short distance.  Ethan did give us a suggestion yesterday, he suggested we put a strong stick through the handle and both of us carry an end on our shoulders up the hill.  Ok, this was easier but it was still 40 pounds up 130 feet in elevation!  We will repeat this daily until it is all up here.

As we were heading off to get a few  other things done, Ethan’s text came in letting us know the 6 guests were on the way out and would we mind helping them ashore with the dinghy.  Down the hill we go!  As we are arriving to the beach, Ethan’s launch arrives into the cove with 6 eager people who get to sleep in the guest quarters for the weekend.  The plan was I would row to the launch and ferry back and forth the people and their belongings while Brian was ashore unloading and helping the people onto the beach.  We accomplished the transfer in 3 trips, not too bad for a weekend stay!

We all traipsed up the Lighthouse Trail with their bags and got them settled into the cottage and gave them their first view from the top of the tower.  They will have a long weekend without the best of weather forecasts but they were game and pretty excited.  After having a chance to talk with them for a while, they asked what the hardest part was to get used to living on the island.  My response was an easy one, having visitors appear at all times unannounced in the front yard, I am getting more used to it but it can be a big adjustment.   We all started to head out to different locations, I was going to take the dogs down to the beach to play and as soon as I put the leash on Phinneus, a group of 7 young men walked up the path!  The overnight guest just kind of chuckled as I greeted the new group!

The bachelor party arrived by sailboat left moored in the cove

The new group of 7 guys was a bachelor party for the wedding to be held on August 26th in New Hampshire.  They came out in a sailboat for the day from Boothbay Harbor.  They were very entertaining and fun to show the island too.  We talked about how foggy it can be on the island, and they were wondering how foggy it could get.  When we went up the tower it was blue skies and after about 45 minutes of talking and showing off the island from up above, the cloud bank came in and yes we were fogged in again!

I did finally get the dogs to the beach to play and were met by the 2 visiting families playing on the beach as well.  It was an unusually low tide because of the new moon, so the kids were playing a rock style game of basketball and everyone was enjoying the occasional pockets of sunshine.  Pickles had her chance to run on the beach and flirt with the guys and I found some great pieces of sea glass, still hunting for a piece of red glass.

An afternoon fog bank rolling past the lighthouse
A view from the Whistle House

The rest of the day was a warm foggy mess.  There was not much hope for a spectacular sunset for our guests but we still went up to the top of the tower to hope we would see a little color on the horizon.  The 2 boys took over the use of the kite and were flying it as best they could in gusty winds.

All in all, I think everyone had a good day and we will all hope for better weather tomorrow.

Guests today – 13

Guests total – 132

USCG – 6



Thank you for your support!

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