The Wednesday Warriors are a group of volunteers who go out to the island on the day the keepers
come ashore to do their laundry, grocery shopping, and in Mary and Greg’s case, visit with old friends. If
the weather does not cooperate, the day may be changed. This week we went on Friday due to high
seas earlier in the week. The Wednesday Warriors have their own agenda of work that needs to be done
on the island. They also act as docents when visitors arrive. This week we hosted 30 from Brunswick Jr.
High, continued work on the Whistle House, introduced Chris Hall to the island, weed whacked the barn
site and continued to scrape lichen off the main building.

It is 6:30 am. Tom and Rick wait for Ethan to return with the Guppy for the ride out.


The river is as calm as can be as we begin our trip to the island.


We brought a new battery for the donkey engine but that doesn’t seem to be working. Chris Hall (potential new board member) and Rick and Cyndy check to make sure all other systems are working.

Rick & Cyndy


Rick and Chris




Chris inspecting the Fresnel Lens atop the tower


Lichen to be scraped from house & tower
Cyndy scraping lichen









Rick and Tom putting the final touches on the last corner of the Whistle House. Repairs have taken 2 summers. We’re finished!


WW – Tom, Rick, Cyndy & Ken on the return home. A great day!

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