Thursday, July 20, 2017

Sunrise (picture courtesy of Sheila Flanagan)

The day started out with a beautiful sunrise, something we have not seen in a few days. The good news is the island will be beautiful for any guests who visit today, including Brian’s sister, Sheila and our friend Lisa.  They will have a chance to see the island and the landmarks as opposed to yesterday when they could barely see 100 feet in front of them.  The bad news is Brian is having a major knee issue, he can barely stand on it.  It will be a day of rest for him, or gift shop duty, in hopes it gets better.

The girls and I walked a few trails this morning before breakfast to get a chance to see how truly beautiful the island is, and as always, Seguin did not disappoint.

Checking for wishing rocks on Cobblestone Beach
Sheila (Brian’s sister) and our friend, Lisa, taking a breather after a walking the trails

The ferry at 11:30 was a crowded one and the rush to get everyone to the top of the tower began.  I think by 2pm I had done about 8 tours up.  I do try to shorten my talk based on the makeup of the groups and the time I have, but the history of the island is fascinating and I want everyone who visits to have as much enthusiasm about the stewardship of the island as I do.  I just usually need a cold drink of water between tours to keep me going.

A nearly perfect blue sky as a backdrop

Sheila and Lisa were going to go back with Ethan’s group and Brian couldn’t make it down the hill.  So it was my opportunity to round up the masses and walk them down with their belongings.  The good news was it was almost low tide, this gave us all a chance to do a little sea glass hunting.  One of the little girls who was visiting found what looked like a red piece of glass, figures I missed it!  The weather was perfect and many of the ferry guests decided a swim back to the boat was in order instead of a dinghy ride.  This island really does offer so many experiences. After the launch left, the cove was empty for the first time since last Friday!

Heading to Leeward for the trip home
A full boat load for the trip back to Fort Popham

As Brian kept ice on his knee for the afternoon, I tried to play catch up on the chores to make this island as pretty as it is.  The museum needed a quick vacuum, guest quarters had a final cleanup for the expected guests staying tomorrow, the grass was cut on the plateau, and gave a few more tours in between.  It was a busy day but satisfying.  I need to be creative tomorrow to get 2 peoples chores done by one and ready for another big group to visit.  It is a good thing we take our injury days separately, a good give and take in life and all we face, we do have each other’s back in our life.

The early evening did turn a little stormy but no rain fell on the island, just cooled everything off a little.  I made homemade chicken noodle soup and biscuits for dinner tonight because isn’t that the remedy for all that ails you?

The sunset behind the sunset bench and Fat Albert

Guests today – 38

Guests total – 658

USCG – 6

Thank you for your support!

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