Blog – July 8, 2017 – Thunderstorms and full moons

Today’s project list was short and sweet because the weather should be gorgeous for visitors today.  Again, we set off pretty early to get our hour or so work done in time to greet any arrivals.

Brian needed to get the Cove Trail spruced up and he wanted to work a little more on the short vista trail he cut off the Cobblestone Trail.  I wanted to clear out the growth around the fog horn signals, it probably doesn’t make much difference if there are branches blocking the signal apparatus but it doesn’t look very good.

A new vista off of the Cobblestone Trail
The soon to be cleaned up vista overlooking the South Cove
Brian taking a break as he trailblazes to the South Cove
The overgrowth surrounding the fog horn signals
Almost done, just need to weedwhack
All nice and neat now
Oh yeah, I made the most beautiful loaf of bread while out clearing brush

Visitors started arriving by private boats around 10:30, it was just busy enough to give us a chance to talk with the visitors and give them our undivided attention.  When it is busy, I feel like we never have a chance to get to know anyone and make connections.  We expected a group from Ethan today but as noon came and went, we realized he was heeding the thunderstorm warnings being issued by the Coast Guard and NOAA.

By 2pm, the sky was filling in with very dark clouds on the west side of the island coming from the Phippsburg area, but the east sky was perfectly blue.  As the thunder rumbles started, I needed to run down the hill and close the engine room.  When I was down there, a sailboat was heading into the cove and 2 of the power boats visiting earlier were still tied up to the moorings.  Hopefully, all were staying safe in the cove which should provide a safe haven with the wind predictions.

Storm clouds arriving from the west

As the rain started, a family crested the hill.  Turns out they were on the sailboat and wanted the family safe on land and not on the boat.  It was fun sharing the storm with them up in the tower, they were a family on a week’s sailing vacation who live in Freeport.  When the storm finally wound down, they were ready to sail off to the Basin around Small Point.  We promised to take pictures of their boat as it sailed away from the island and email the pictures to them.

SV Inseparable on their way after the storm

Tonight, was the full moon, the Thundermoon.  Brian tends to be the night owl and I am the early bird.  After today, I was sound asleep by 8p and Brian was able to get some gorgeous pictures of the moon rising.

The Thundermoon as the flag was to be lowered

Guests today – 23

Guests total – 413

USCG – 6

Thank you for your support!

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