August 26, 2016

This morning was started off sunny, breezy, and cool – it seemed like we would have a nice day although the forecast

Can't even tell where the WW's repaired the gutter, fascia, and soffit.
Can’t even tell where the WW’s repaired the gutter, fascia, and soffit.  Nice work!

didn’t call for a very nice day.  I was up early with coffee on the “veranda” and Patty was not far behind me.  Terri and John slept in a little bit but altogether, we were up much earlier than yesterday.  By the time I came in from the porch, the sky had completely clouded up and it wasn’t long before light rain started falling.

Pancakes and fruit for breakfast.
Pancakes and fruit for breakfast.

Patty made a bowl of sliced fruit, including a watermelon the Mustache Mama’s left us when they stayed overnight, and John made thin pancakes

Tomatoes with lobster salad
Tomatoes with lobster salad

with buckwheat flour that Hannah-Catherine

Stuffed mushrooms
Stuffed mushrooms

and her family left.  Thank you to all –

nothing goes to waste!  After breakfast, Patty and John immediately started working on lunch, figuring out what to do with all the food we have including the leftovers from our lobster dinner last night.  I texted Ethan to see if he planned to run the ferry today and he said no, he expected worse weather and had already canceled it but wished he hadn’t.  I texted back that it was raining here so he probably made the right call.  Our weather and the weather in Popham are often not the same and visitors have to be comfortable at both ends of the visit.


We didn’t have any visitors in the morning and by early afternoon, we were ready for lunch.  Patty and John had prepared mushrooms stuffed with lobster salad, tomatoes stuffed with lobster salad, peppers

Irish soda bread
Irish soda bread

stuffed with prosciutto & sharp provolone, olives, and Irish soda bread for a sort of desert.  It was all delicious and they have fun working in the kitchen together which makes it even better.

After lunch and cleanup (Terri and I try to do the cleanup but John

Two kinds of Patty's homemade hummus
Two kinds of Patty’s homemade hummus

tries to push us out of the way, and often succeeds), Patty continued in kitchen-mode and made tomato soup with the tomato pulp from the stuffed tomatoes.  See, really, nothing goes to waste!

Foggy rolling in
Foggy rolling in

Cyndy forwarded us an email mid-day from the Huffington Post with a request to interview Patty and me for a series called “When to Jump” on their website.  Patty emailed back that we’d be willing but I guess we should check out the site before then to see what it’s about.  We also got an email saying the ABC News thing was posted with a rewritten story on the Daily Mail, UK website.

Josh and his son Kai looking for a fishing stick
Josh and his son Kai looking for a fishing stick

Terri & John wanted to go for a swim and Patty was thinking about it too (I was not thinking about it – too chilly for me) so we all walked down to the cove.  When we got there, a family of five was on the beach with their sailboat moored in the cove.  We talked with them for a long time and really hit it off.  The parents, Josh & Heidi, have been teachers (the only teachers) in a one room schoolhouse on Cliff Island in the Casco Bay for the past many years.  During the summers while they were teachers on Cliff, they lived aboard their sailboat and then return to Cliff for the start of the school year.  This year, they are not returning to teach but instead are moving to Costa Rica with their three young boys for a new adventure.

Terri & John taking a dip in the chilly water - Patty and I didn't join them
Terri & John taking a dip in the chilly water – Patty and I didn’t join them

Heidi jokingly described their boys (Kai, Cove, and Zev) as “feral children” but really they were just totally at ease with nature yet also polite and good mannered.  Heidi told us that just before we came down the steps to the cove, they had been eating raw mackerel, right out of the ocean, while sitting in the sand at the edge of the water.  The kids love it and were all after their favorite parts of the fish.  We saw

the older son give the youngest a piece of plant from just above the high tide line to eat and the dad Josh stopped him – “whoa, what is that?”  The son said it’s mustard plant and pointed out where he got it to which the dad said “ok.”  You don’t see people, especially that young, with that kind of knowledge of plants and nature.  Prior to having kids, they were teachers in Hawaii where they met and bought a sailboat (he had never sailed) WP_20160826_19_07_31_Proand eventually sailed to Vanuatu, Fiji, and other islands, eventually making it to Australia.  During the trip, they went as long as 21 days without seeing any land or other boats.  Wow.  They were just the coolest people to talk to with such an interesting lifestyle and attitude.  We all thoroughly enjoyed meeting them and wish them all the best on their Costa Rican adventure.

For dinner, we had another feast, this one prepared by John, Terri, and Patty.  John made chicken Francese, while the ladies helped with gnocchi, tomato salad, and sautéed zucchini.

John & Terri taking pictures of the sunset
Terri at sunset
Patty and John making dinner
Dinner’s ready!
Chicken Francese, gnocchi, tomato salad, and sauteed zucchini

DSC_1130 IMG_0893 DSC_1139 DSC_1145 DSC_1151 DSC_1153

Visitors – 7

Favorite Moment(s) – Meeting and talking to Heidi, Josh, and their three boys at the cove.  Eating.

Sunrise – 5:47am
Sunset – 7:16pm

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