August 2, 2016

Patty here this time, giving Mitchell a break from the daily blog writing.

Hannah-Catherine and Angus on Cobblestone Beach
Hannah-Catherine and Angus on Cobblestone Beach

This morning it was sunny with hardly any breeze and calm water.  We could also smell the ocean which is not always the case.  While all the adults enjoyed a cup of coffee on ‘sunset bench’ and the porch, Angus raised the flag that he took down last night.

For breakfast, Hannah Catherine made blueberry pancakes for everyone, except for Angus who had French toast – this answers the question ‘Who doesn’t like pancakes?’!  Just as we finished cleaning up, we noticed three guests on the back lawn.  It was a father (Ken) and daughter visiting with a friend.  Ken had been part of the crew on the day the bell was moved to the island and his daughter had never been to Seguin.  I chatted with them out back and then Mitchell took them for a tour in the lighthouse.  It was interesting to hear about the day of the big move!

Crystal clear sky today.
Crystal clear sky today.

While we were doing that, Hannah Catherine, Angus and Claire went to hang out at Cobblestone beach and Kevin spent the time browsing in the museum.

A little bit later Ethan arrived with a group of 27 that included his brother, sister-in-law and nephew along with some other family members.  There was another family group of ten, eleven if you include the adorable puppy of 13 weeks who spent his time passed out on the porch after the big climb up the hill.  It seemed like everyone

Hannah-Catherine on Cobblestone Beach
Hannah-Catherine on Cobblestone Beach

brought a picnic lunch today, so the picnic table and all benches were full.  Just as everyone was starting to head down, a group of three arrived in their own boat.  One of the men has been here a couple of times this year, and was bringing some friends who had never visited.  He knows our names, but we can’t remember his…and he didn’t sign the guest book.  He did

make sure his friends did, but when we checked later he had not.  He purchased some items in the gift shop and I was really hoping he would pay with a credit card, but alas, he paid cash.  We still don’t know his name…embarrassing, but in our defense, we meet so many new people each day it’s hard to remember all the names.

This is ken, who visited the island today and told us about moving the bell back to Seguin last year which he helped out with.
This is ken, who visited the island today and told us about moving the bell back to Seguin last year which he helped out with.

For lunch Hannah Catherine made us all BLT’s.  We would get used to this treatment, for sure!

The afternoon brought a steady stream of visitors totaling 36 more people, including a couple we have seen earlier this summer.  Some of you may remember Godiva the first dog (for us) to come to the top of lighthouse.  She brought her father Rob (formerly known as Godiva’s dad) , his fiancé (very recently engaged) and future mother in law.  Congratulations Rob and Katrina, we wish you many happy sailing years!  The other return visitor was mentioned in a prior blog post as well.  He is the father of the family that paddle-boarded to shore in some pretty sketchy weather and then walked up the hill, climber the lighthouse and went out on the catwalk barefoot in shorts while Mitchell and I shivered in jeans and sweatshirts.  We sometimes substitute nicknames when we can’t remember names – he’s “paddleboard dad.”

Late in the afternoon, it was time for the Munro shopping spree.  Angus and Claire were each allowed to select three items.  In order for them to receive said chosen items, their mother required them to tell us one fact about the island or the lighthouse.  It was a fun exercise, and I am happy to say that they both were able to get all three!  They had been paying attention.

Rob, his finance, and future mother-in-law heading back to Rob's sailboat
Rob, his finance, and future mother-in-law heading back to Rob’s sailboat

Just before dinner time, we all headed down the hill to collect the lobsters that Jackson delivered to our keeper box.  Hannah Catherine, Angus and Claire headed out the cove trail (they have now hiked every inch of trail on the island!) while Mitchell, Kevin and I hung out on the boat house deck just watching the cove, which was just about full with just one mooring left.  We had overnight guests coming in for the night and I was just starting to wonder what happens if there are no moorings available, when a boat came speeding into the cove.  I was relieved to see it was our guests.  We walked down to the beach to greet them, then I walked up with them while Mitchell stayed to supervise the lobster ‘fishing’ which was done by Kevin and kids.

Patty and Kevin sitting on the boathouse deck bench along with Claire in the foreground.
Patty and Kevin sitting on the boathouse deck bench along with Claire in the foreground.

We had an appetizer of chips with guacamole and tomatillo salsa and then the delicious lobster with a corn salad made from last nights’ leftover corn on the cob.  We sat and chatted at the table (no cards tonight) for a while, but made in an early night since we all need to be up and out very early tomorrow.

Fetching lobsta!
Fetching lobsta!

I am low on pictures today…a bunch have gone missing off the F.O.S.I.L.S. camera, including a bunch that Craig (one our overnight visitors) took of us with the Munro family on the catwalk from the rocks beside the house.  I took his phone to the top and took some of them too, including one with one of the women in the group apparently running toward them brandishing a knife…well actually she had a plate and sausage on the other hand, but it was funny picture.

Visitors – 78

Favorite Moment(s) –  Hanging out in the cove with our visitors late in the afternoon

Sunrise – 5:19am
Sunset – 7:53pm

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