Saturday, June 17, 2017

This mornings fog masked the water surrounding the island

The morning started with a lot of fog, again and the marine forecast did not bode well for us to have any visitors today.  So, it was drink coffee, relax and plan on a big breakfast, why rush!  Brian is the breakfast cook in the couple, and I am more than happy to let him serve me some great home fries. Also, we were gifted more fresh eggs from Ethan so it was bacon and eggs on the menu!

We normally walk the trails daily if we are not working on them because we need to burn off calories from all of the food we cook, bake and of course, eat!  This morning we started out on the North Trail which doesn’t get as much attention as the east side of the island.  The seagulls are mean, they dive bomb and poop on us when we walk through the nesting areas and for most of this past month there was standing water along a portion of the loop trail which would go over the top of our boots while walking through.  Today, we were going to assess what was needed out there and start showing it some love!

Brian assures Tara her hair looks great!
Tara cutting back this weeks growth along the North Trail
Brian walking the North Trail

When we walk the trails, I try to remember to bring the pruners with me, the spring growth on the bushes, mainly the blackberry bushes, is constantly blocking the trails.  Today was no exception, especially because of the rain from last night brought a lot of mess along the trail.  We did take the eastern loop trail to check on the condition of the puddles and we were pleasantly surprised with a dryer swampy area with wild purple irises everywhere and it looks like the cat & nine tails are growing up as well.  Another diverse area on the island, in the south, these separate ecosystems are referred to as hammocks, not sure if it is a term used in the north but it does remind me of this.

Wild irises in the swampy area on the North Trail Loop

When we arrived at the northern tip of the trail, we spotted another small seal sleeping on the seaweed, of course, like yesterday I went into rescue mode.  But as we got closer, it woke up and waddled/wiggled into the pool of water protected by the rocks from the big surf.  This made me feel better about yesterday’s seal along the Cove Trail.  I need to let nature take its own path without me interfering.

A seal hanging out at the north point of the island in a small pool protected from the surf

As we walked to the western half of the loop, the seagulls began their vocal attacks on us and yes, I ended up getting pooped on! This is why we wear hats along the trails!  There were baby seagulls everywhere, most likely because we don’t walk this area much, the babies were literally on the trail.  I had one sing/chatter at me!  As the summer progresses, I am going to miss seeing the babies along the trails, hopefully something else will take up my curiosity.

A newly hatched seagull along the North Trail
This 3 egg nest has one chick hatched, the second egg is breaking open, and third is a wait and see.
First signs of a chick breaking out into the world

Brian and I do go down to the cove in the mornings around 11ish to see if Ethan is bringing any guests to us, it was doubtful today because of the conditions, but there is always a chance.  We hung out on the beach for a while hunting for sea glass, always looking for blue pieces.  As noon approached, we figured no one was making the trip to the island so we started off to walk the Cove Trail.  When we made it to the vista area, a sailboat was coming into the cove from the east side, yeah visitors!  We finished the loop to Cobblestone and headed back to the cottage for lunch and await our visitors.

Peter and Lisa visiting the island on their boat, the cove was a safe haven until the tide changed this afternoon to help them safely cross to Sheepscot Bay

I busied myself in the garden and Brian was back down to the Whistle House getting the birdhouse ready to put back up into position.  Peter and Lisa from Houlton, ME came up for a tour of the lighthouse.  They were awaiting the tide to change before they head out towards Southport this afternoon, we wished them smooth sailing and advised them of the potential for a weather front moving in tonight.

The rest of the afternoon was spent puttering around the yard and house, no real projects to do and no one to entertain.  The good part is more of the sweater I am knitting for Brian is getting done, but by the time it is finished we will most likely be heading back to our boat in Florida for the winter, oh well!

After dinner, I sat up in the tower for a while watching the fog banks roll in.  It was a little weird knowing at the water level, the island was fogged in but up on the top we had blue skies.  The sunset was not very spectacular but I did spend time taking pictures of the Fresnel Lens, always a fascinating subject.

The start of sunset with a fog bank at land level and blue sky above

The weather forecasts are not predicted to improve until Wednesday or Thursday, so it looks like we will be knitting, reading and playing a lot of solitaire!  The saving grace on the island for us is a radio station out of Portland, WCLZ, we have it playing almost all day out here and the station has an eclectic variety of music, almost like listening to someone’s iTunes on shuffle!

Guests today – 2

Guests total – 93

USCG – 6

Thank you for your support!

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