Sunday, May 28, 2017

As a gorgeous day was dawning, we received word the family of a former Lighthouse Keeper, Clarence Skolfield (1936-1046) were arriving on island before 9am.  This took a lot of coordination getting 16 people from Popham to the cove and then onto the beach.  Many dinghy trips later, all 16 had safely arrived on island, and just a little damp around the edges.  This was a fun family, they had many reasons to celebrate: a new Harvard grad and a birthday as well.

Descendants of Clarence Skolfield pose for a picture at the tower doors

As the first group was safely ashore, I offered a quick nature walk along the Cove Trail to Cobblestone Beach to show off the gull and duck nests.  The group continued onto the Cobblestone Trail, while I went back up to the top of the hill to get ready to give tours of the tower and answer many questions.  One of the guests commented that the day was truly a Chamber of Commerce kind of day, blue skies, green grass, warm temperatures and an ideal setting to visit.

16 family members enjoy a gorgeous day on the island

I have come to realize when the island is visited by a few people, it is like a CrossFIt workout for the keepers.  Dragging the dinghy down to the water, rowing back and forth thru surf, a quick hike up the Lighthouse Trail to greet our guests, multiple trips up and down the lighthouse tower stairs, then trying to sneak some grass raking in, next a jaunt back down the Lighthouse Trail, pull the dinghy back down to the water, row everyone back out to the launch, wave a hearty goodbye, to drag the dinghy back up and one more walk up the trail to go clean and close up the tower for the next day.  Ahhh, that nightly cocktail is much appreciated after a great workout.

Guests today – 16

Guests total – 27

Thank you for your support!

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