Tuesday, June 27, 2017 – The Chicks are growing up

Sunrise behind the lighthouse tower

I am a morning person, Brian is the night lover.  Most of the sunset pictures are taken by Brian but the sunrise is all mine.  It was gorgeous this morning and as I was out walking the dogs, I realized how beautiful it is with the tower in the foreground.  Six weeks on the island and I have never witnessed this view before.  I hope everyone has a chance to start their day this way.

Wild Iris seen on the walk this morning

Low tide is early today, around 7:30a and gives me the perfect chance to go sea glass hunting on the beach and to take more around the island stroll without a soul around me.  It turned out even better than I could have imagined.  As my head was down looking for treasures, suddenly, I hear a combination bark and growl, yikes, not a sound I should be hearing.  A seal was sunning itself on the beach not 10 feet from me.  It makes a bee line for the water and my heartrate has a chance to slow down.  I continued around the path and I spied some amazingly cute, fuzzy creatures walking along the rocks.  The 2 juvenile seagulls were on the rocks near the nest I watch hatch on June 9th and their age is about right for the 2 I saw today to be the 2 I watch hatch.  I am utterly fascinated by these two, I can’t wait to find more.  Patty, the keeper from last year, sent me a quick message there will be a lot more on the rocks soon.

The chick in the foreground is the original hatched egg, its younger sibling is in the back ground (Friday 6/9/17)
The 3 week old chicks, hatched around June 9th









The chore list isn’t too bad for today because we figured a gorgeous day would bring a lot of visitors.  I realize I need to be near the museum by 11ish to greet people instead of out maintaining a trail and when the boat arrives, both of us need to be here.

As I started my second group up to the lighthouse, I began chatting with a group and they asked where we were from originally.  I responded Connecticut, and after a few exchanges, we find out she is a great friend with our niece who still live in the town Brian grew up in, Stratford, CT.  It always amazes me how small our huge world really is.

As we were giving tours, a few schooners were sailing by the island on their way to Boothbay Harbor for an antique boat parade this afternoon.  Not bad for rush hour traffic on the island. Most of the tours were also blessed with a view of Mt Washington, 90 miles away in NH.

SV Adventure
SV Harvey Gamage
Rush hour near the island, two schooners heading to Boothbay and a tug and barge heading towards Casco Bay

The afternoon started to wind down and Brian went out to the North Trail to finish the cutting out there but one of the mama seagulls had a different plan, she would not let Brian go by the rock her baby was on.  Very protective seagulls out here, so maybe the trail will get done another day.

Mama seagull protectively standing over her chick

The skies around 4pm got dark and we could hear the rumble of thunder on the mainland and the sheets of rain were coming our way.  The weather station we have in the living room has shown us its sense of humor on windy days but today it was all about the rain, and for an hour we had a typical afternoon squall line move through and yes it was raining cats and dogs.

Raining Cats and Dogs

Guests today – 28

Guests total – 210

USCG – 6

Thank you for your support!

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