August 18, 2016

Warm, very sunny, and no wind were the weather conditions to start the day on Seguin.  Patty made the two of us egg, chard, cheese & tomato sandwiches on toast while our four overnight guests were up early also eating their breakfast outside at the picnic table.  Shortly after we finished eating (8:15am), the first two visitors of the day came up the hill and walked down towards the Whistle House.

Peaceful in the cove
Peaceful in the cove

I was in the museum getting ready to fix a hanging exhibit when one of the visitors came in and started looking around.  Patty came in a few minutes later and took them (they were brothers) up in the tower along with others that were also early arrivals.  I went down the hill to mow the camping area as we expected it would be quiet this early but on my way down the hill I passed another couple and while I was mowing, Patty had five more visitors come up from three different boats.  In all, I counted six boats tied up when I went to get the mower out of the Engine House.

Flag blowing in strong wind
Flag blowing in strong wind
Scallops from Plant's Seafood in Bath
Scallops from Plant’s Seafood in Bath

I tried to finish mowing quickly and got back up the hill in about a half hour but Patty had everything under control (no surprise) and told me to relax and take a few minutes to cool off.  It slowed down not long after and we sat on the porch looking out on the water when we saw two people walk down the hill that we hadn’t seen before.  They must have come up just to hike the North Trail and then leave.

We ate a pre-ferry snack of leftover pizza and calzone that we brought back from lunch yesterday and then waited for Ethan’s group to arrive.  Our overnight guests were a little overloaded with sun so we setup the front porch veranda for them if they wanted to sit in the shade on the Keeper’s side of the porch.  I’m not sure they did but they seemed to appreciate that it was there if they wanted it.

Pasta and scallops
Pasta and scallops

Ethan’s group included several different couples and families, about a dozen in all.  One couple, from Maine, took lots of pictures of the lens DSC00737and then stamped their lighthouse passport in the gift shop.  Each passport has a place for 60 lighthouse stamps and they were working on their third passport book.  They were bigtime lighthouse enthusiasts.  Alongside the ferry group, a family of eight arrived in their own boat to see the island, museum, gift shop, and lighthouse tower.DSC00738

After the ferry group and large family headed down the hill, we went down for a swim but didn’t stay at the beach too long since a dinghy was on its’ way in carrying three people while we were in the water.  At this point there were 7 boats in the cove on 5 moorings and sailboats circling just outside the cove.  The 3 from the dinghy came up the hill and we learned that they are on day 2 of a 9 day sailing trip.  Although they had visited Seguin last year, this was their first tour of the tower and DSC00740museum.  Last year when they came, their timing was between T’Ann and Larry returning from their off-island day and the volunteers already down the hill.  They did meet briefly on the trail as they were leaving and T’Ann and Larry were coming up with supplies.

These three began a steady stream of visitors including a couple from Pemaquid with their daughter, who now lives in Breckinridge, CO, and their dog Tele (short for telecaster, as in the guitar).  Also visiting this DSC00741afternoon were two large family groups, one of 6 and one of 7.  The group of 6 included a woman from Niagara on Lake, Ontario – new pin in the map!  The two smaller groups this afternoon were people we met earlier in the season that were now bringing friends that were new to the island.

DSC00744Our last visitors of the day were Bill and Caroline who visited in June.  They came up to watch the sunset and planned to stay in the cove for the night.  While talking to them we realized that Bill lives next door to Andrew who is coming tomorrow night to camp with a group celebrating an upcoming wedding.  You gotta love a group of guys who come to Seguin for a Bachelor’s party!  Bill and Caroline also told us that tonight’s camping group of young ladies, celebrating a 16th birthday on one of them, just pulled in to the cove.  We were starting to wonder if they were going to make it here today, but at this point it is dark so I guess we’ll meet them in the morning.

Bill, Caroline, and Patty
Bill, Caroline, and Patty

Visitors – 69

Favorite Moment(s) – Taking a swim in the afternoon and watching sunset while chatting with Bill & Caroline at the sunset bench.

Sunrise – 5:38am
Sunset – 7:28pm


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