Sunday, June 25, 2017

Let me start out writing with letting everyone know it is a perfect sunny day here on Seguin.  The sunrise was beautiful and tranquil and we are ready for a busy day.  This is a perfect day for visitors, warm, sunny and the winds are light and from a favorable direction to enter the cove.

The weekend guests arranged with Ethan to go out fishing this morning after Ethan drops off his group from the morning ferry run.  The 2 families were wonderful to host for the weekend, but there was a lot of activity to get their belongings down to the cove for 11 and they still had time to walk a few more trails while they waited.

Brian was still working on the creation of mowerstein!  He is putting a Toro engine on a Craftsman body, today should be the premier of his monster in motion! He can boast now after 50+ years of not knowing how a lawn mower actually works to becoming an expert, a new life skill he will most likely never use on the boat!

Mowerstein, it’s alive!
And it cuts grass like a charm

I decided to hang at the top of the hill awaiting the expected 20 guests at 11.  After a quick pick up around the yard and a quick clean of the historic markers and benches from the visiting song birds contribution, I sat on the front porch with my knitting and waited for the first group making the turn up the Lighthouse Trail.

The people started arriving and it was crazy busy for about 3 hours.  Brian came up from the cove to man the gift shop while I gave the tours.  In 3 hours, I climbed the tower 6 times!  I have spent hours reading the information in the museum as well as the other historical information from the surrounding areas and love giving a historical tour.  I do ask most visitors if they would like a little bit of history or do they just want to go up to see the top.  As the summer progresses, I will most likely shorten my talk but there is so much information about how important Seguin Island was in marine history it is hard to keep this history geek down!

As the afternoon wound down, the winds picked up as predicted.  Brian went down to cut the grass with the mowerstein and I started to clean up the guest quarters for next week’s guests.  It was a quiet few hours and we started to get ready to make dinner when we heard another group walking up the path.  Brian finished dinner prep while I gave a tour to 3 gentlemen from Brunswick with a physics background and were interested in the lens.  Yikes, that was a challenge, I am great with history but physics is still something I struggle with.  It was a fun tour and the 3 are staying on a mooring in the cove for the night and will most likely be back in the morning.

Dinner was great and we are exhausted.  We talked about the areas we needed to work on this week and who was going to do what.  It is going to be our first beautiful weather week favorable for visitors but also trying to manage the maintenance as well.

Sunset through the lens

Guests today – 31

Guests total – 163

USCG – 6

Thank you for your support!

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