Sunday, July 2, 2017

This morning was a fogged in mess, even sitting in the tower using the internet, I could barely see the Oil House.  We really hope we have visitors today, we are beginning to feel a little unloved because of the unseasonable yucky weather.

Overlooking sunset bench

First thing we did was walk down to the cove to make sure the 2 boats moored for the overnight in the cove were safe after the weather that blew through here last night.  Appears all is well and one of the boats left in the dense fog before we made it down there this morning.  While we were down there we figured we would bring another 5-gallon container of drinking water back up to the cottage, last one needing the trip up for the week.

This is how we carry 5 gallons of water up the Lighthouse Trail to the house

When we made it back up to the cottage, the fog had cleared from the summit but we could still see heavy fog at water level.  We decided to start the grass cutting up top before any guests arrived even though everything is so wet but if we don’t start now, the grass will be over 6 inches by tomorrow.  I got on the riding mower and Brian was kind enough to do the push mower and weedwacking.  As a team, we got the top looking perfect within an hour.

A few visitors arrived in the mid-day from private boats after the fog cleared, including 3 from my home town of Marion, MA.  It was fun comparing addresses of the roads we grew up on and who we knew in common. From that point, it was a slow afternoon.  We were just getting ready to take showers and get ready to make dinner when a large group of people crested the hill, ok, 21 people in 3 groups to be exact arrived around 5pm from private boats.  Turns out they reported all moorings were full, 6 boats in total.  We wish we could have seen it but we were busy with tours and fishing fly away baseball hats from the roof.

It turned out to be a gorgeous day, great for boat spectating.  Hundreds of sailboats were out and around the island and Sheepscot Bay.  Always a fun time for us! Also, I had some time to take a walk around the trails to get some pictures of my favorite baby seagulls and a few other fun sites.

Giant spinnaker
Classic Ketch

Brand spanking new baby seagull

We finished off the night by climbing the tower for sunset and our first fireworks display of the holiday weekend at the top of the tower.

Waiting for the fireworks in Phippsburg and Southport

Guests today – 26

Guest total – 251

USCG – 6

Thank you for your support!

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