July 18, 2017 – Yep, another foggy day

Another socked in day on the island, summer fog is officially here!  It is so thick when you are out walking it is like going out in the rain, you return wet and everything around you is dripping wet.

The tower can be faintly seen from the Cobblestone Trail

There were 4 boats still in the cove on the overnight because of the fog, some brave souls will move in the fog, but without radar and local knowledge of the area, it is much safer just to stay put.

Fogged in cove during our morning walk
Wild flowers love the extra moisture from the fog, the island is in bloom
Raspberries are slowing ripening. A healthy, organic snack during our morning walks
A ring seen along the Cove where ships used to tie to
It is as big as my hand

Ethan did bring out 12 visitors today, yeah!  It keeps the boredom in check.  Brian and I are trying to get the grass and trails taken care of, but everything is just too wet.  His group was so much fun to give tours to, we had a group on the Maine Lighthouse Trail with their passport, a couple visiting from Milwaukee, and a family of 6 who pass by the island on their way to their vacation cottage but have never stopped for a visit.  All 3 groups loved to hear the history of the island and light, the ghost stories and how the lens can magnify up to 500 times a lights intensity.  I am really beginning to think I need to take a physics course to keep up with some of the questions!

We also had a chance to meet a few of the couples from the boats in the cove.  What fun people also.  They are so appreciative of the moorings in the cove and the safe haven they have provided for the past few nights. A few were running low on supplies but otherwise all a happy group.

Tomorrow the island will host the Maine Island Trails Association to help clear the brush and greenery from under the tram trestles.  I had plenty of time to make a double batch of peanut butter cookies for their break in the day for all their hard work.  I did have extra cookies, I think, to share with the boaters stuck in the cove.  One of my favorite things to do when we are sailing is bake goodies and deliver the treats to the surrounding boats at anchor or at a mooring.  Many times, I have dinghied up to a boat, knocked on their hull and surprised fellow cruisers with warm treats.  Brian helped drag the dinghy down the beach and I rowed to each boat and made the deliveries.  Nothing better than a smile from a person who I could surprise with a little bit of baked love!

Tara rowing out to the boats in the cove with freshly baked cookies
On to the next boat

The last thing on the list to do today is to get ready for our day off the island tomorrow.  All empty water containers, laundry and garbage get brought down tonight to save the work early tomorrow morning.  Our plan for tomorrow is to check out Freeport and do a little people watching.

the fog certainly gives the tower an special glow

Guests today – 16

Guests total – 598

USCG – 6

Thank you for your support!

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