Monday, June 27, 2017

Today low tide was around 7 am which gave me a chance to do a little sea glass hunting before the day of chores and visitors began.  When I arrived at the cove there were 2 sailboats already on the moorings, one of the first indications this was going to be a busy day.  I did spend a little time walking along the beach and rocks and my persistence paid off, another blue piece of sea glass was the treasure for the day.  Also, the flock of Common Eider Ducks were swimming in the cove with 11 ducklings, always a good sight for me.

Eider ducklings swimming in the cove

The day could not be more perfect for a summer day.  We knew that visitors usually start appearing around 11 which should give us a few hours of time to get a few things done to be ready to greet guests later in the morning.  Today’s chores included yard and trail maintenance, cleaning the guest quarters and of course, the weekly maintenance to Clivus, the composting head(toilet) down near the cove.

Oh, living in a lighthouse is so wonderful they said, until reality hits and you are cleaning the composting head!
Perfect early summer day on island
SV Bear
SV Bentana

One of our first couple to visit us this morning were fellow sailors.  S/V Bear arrived in the cove bright and early and it turns out the first mate was a member of Women Who Sail on Facebook (I am too!).  She saw a post I made about being a lighthouse keeper on Seguin for the summer and they wanted to stop for a visit and a photo op as they sailed north towards Bar Harbor.  The best part was they gifted us with some homemade cookies, we will never turn down cookies!  As the crew from S/V Bear was relaxing back on their boat, another cruising friend hailed us on the VHF radio to say hi and to let us know they would be stopping back for a visit at the end of the summer.  It makes us incredibly jealous of everyone out sailing these great waters, but we will be up here next year with the boat to enjoy.

SV Tiny Bubbles II

Brian and I kept working in between tours and had a chance to take a breather later in the afternoon when we had a chance to sit and talk with a young family with 3 boys who have been cruising for the past year but were teachers on a Maine island in a one room schoolhouse and have decided while the boys are still young to change their cruising grounds to warmer areas.  S/V Tiny Bubbles II were a fun family and we had many similar experiences to share, they gave us some great information on Maine anchorages and we gave some advice on traveling south on the Intercoastal Waterway.  Hopefully we will meet up again in the Florida waters this winter.

Tonight’s dinner included a small offering from the garden, the first harvest of the growing season!  We had enough spinach to add to our pasta for dinner!  Need to plant another crop of spinach to have it all summer, on tomorrows list to do!

The first harvest from the veggie garden

The day was winding down and Brian and I just stopped to enjoy the weather.  We watched S/V Tiny Bubbles II sail around Small Point onto their new adventures.  This position for the summer can have its drawbacks but a little piece of heaven was experienced this afternoon.

Brian sitting enjoying the afternoon with the seagull that hangs around us in the yard most days


The start of sunset after a beautiful day

Guests today – 19

Guests total – 182

USCG – 6

Thank you for your support!

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