Wednesday, May 18 through Friday, May 20

We arrived in Bath mid-afternoon and did a driving tour of the sites including the Visitor Center, Bath Iron Works, and Maine Maritime Museum.  We definitely want to do the BIW tour when we finish caretaking and we will have chance later this summer to see the Maritime Museum at the FOSILS fundraiser where we will make a presentation about our time as caretakers on Seguin.

Of course, our very first stop was a drive to Popham Beach to see the lighthouse and check out the dock where we will leave from on Saturday.

Our first look at Seguin Island in person!

Fort Popham State Historic Site

We CouchSurfed at Abigail’s (a local resident and avid kayaker) the night of the 18th.  She took us on a short hike down to the ocean when we first arrived and afterwards Patty and I cooked chicken on the grill at her house. She had an appointment that night and then had to leave early for a few days so we didn’t have a chance to see her again after the first few hours. We really appreciated her hospitality and hope she will take up our offer to visit us on Seguin this summer.

On Thursday morning, we stopped at Mae’s in the center of Bath for a very good breakfast and then explored downtown Bath on foot before meeting Cyndy, our primary contact, for the first time at the F.O.S.I.L.S. office. We saw the office and the three of us had an opportunity to get acquainted in person. Afterwards, Cyndy drove us around showing me and Patty the places we will need to know about for the next few months; laundromat, hardware store, seafood and grocery stores, etc.. We stopped for sandwiches at The Sandwich Shop and sat in a park along the Kennebec River to eat. The weather was warm, sunny, and perfect.

Sign outside of the Friends of Seguin Island Light Station office

We decided to stay in a hotel the last two nights before leaving for Seguin on Saturday. We wanted a place where we could conveniently do laundry, have a fridge of our own, and to layout all of our stuff to for re-organization and re-packing. We split the difference between Bath and Portland (where we want to shop) by staying at the Hampton Inn in Freeport Thursday & Friday nights.

Yesterday was kind of leisurely and casual but today, our last day before heading to the island, was a crazy day of shopping for provisions and organizing. We feel like we have a lot of stuff but yesterday Cyndy assured us it wasn’t too much and less than some Keeper’s have had in the past. Being told our stuff would fit in the boats was good news but then we added more stuff with all our final shopping; in Portland we got produce and bulk items from Whole Foods, fresh seafood from a Harbor Fish Market, fresh bread from Big Sky Bread Company, corn tortillas from a little Mexican bodega. In Freeport we picked up more miscellaneous things from a health food store and the regular old grocery store.

When we got back to the hotel late in the afternoon, we took care of our laundry and a final pack/organization. When we had everything squared away and loaded up in the truck, we walked over to Antonia’s Pizzaria for a really good meal and a few well deserved beers.

All of our stuff for the summer!

We feel ready. Tomorrow is the day we’ve been looking forward to since January.

Thank you for your support!

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