Friday, June 30, 2017

The past two days have been somewhat quiet and routine out here on the island.  The afternoon storms are bringing a lot of water which makes my vegetable garden happy and the grass grows inches while we watch it!  The problem is it is so wet at this point, it is hard to cut the grass, we should really have a few goats out here getting fat on this island grass.

Brian and I are in a good routine now for the summer season.  We figured out anything that needs to be done should be completed before 11am.  This gives us time to wash up, have a snack and a long drink of water.  Then at 11:30am the guests from the ferry usually appear at the top of the hill and are ready for a tour.  Brian tends the gift shop and likes the more relaxed atmosphere to chat with the guests, and I take the groups up and down the tower hoping to instill some excitement in them with the history of the island and lighthouse.  As a team, it is working well when we have a constant stream of guests.

The best rainbows in the tower show themselves around noon on a sunny day

The hardest part of the day is when we think there will not be any more visitors and we start to unwind around 5ish. Then, suddenly, we have a few more people walking up, usually a private boat stopping for a quick visit.

Ally, a 6 month old border collie, burning off some energy chasing sticks in the cove

We have been blessed to meet many new sailing/cruising friends who heard about Seguin Island and us being lighthouse keepers here, they have added this as a stop on their trips farther north.  We hope we get to see some of these folks when we get back to our boat this winter as we all migrate to warmer waters.

Brian chatting with Russell from S/V Blue Highways about engines

This afternoon, one of the boats arriving to the island mentioned there was a baby seal in the cove hanging out near the sand/rock line at the beach.  Of course, I needed to go down and see.  It is always a gamble for me to go see any type of animal because I tend to create a whole story line behind them and make myself upset worrying the animal will be alright.  Turns out, this little guy has some fresh propeller strike wounds on its back, but it is swimming when it needs to protect itself.  Hopefully, he/she just needs a little rest on the beach to make it to adulthood.

Baby seal resting on the beach

Guests today (and Thursday) – 15

Guests total – 225

USCG – 6

Thank you for your support!

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