The Seguin Island Light Station was commissioned by George Washington in 1795. It’s Maine’s tallest and second oldest light station! It is a fully functional, aid to navigation and is one of Maine’s most memorable places.

The 1st Order Fresnel lens was installed on Seguin Island in 1857. This extremely rare lens stands 9 feet tall and can be seen for 20+ nautical miles. This priceless jewel is not only irreplaceable it is also non-reproducible! Visit the island and the caretakers will give you a tour of the tower and this magnificent lens.


FOSILS was granted a lifetime lease from the federal government in 1986, and ownership of the Island was granted in 1995.   Prior to that date, the U.S. Coast Guard ran the site for 70 years, before them the U.S. Lighthouse Service endured 150 years of service, which staffed the island with civilian families. The U.S.C.G. routinely show up to make checks on the light and fog horn’s operation and maintain these aid’s to navigation.

These and many more features await you on the Island of Seguin. Visiting this historic active lighthouse is sure to be a memorable experience for anyone young or old. Enjoy the amazing views and tour the museum, tower and gift shop today!

How to Visit the Island

By Charter/Ferry

Seguin Island is a place of marine and environmental history, with unique flora and abundant fauna. The Island opens in May. We have relationships with many local Charter/Ferry services with knowledgeable captains, ready to take you to one of the most breathtaking places in Midcoast Maine.

Charters & Ferries to Seguin Island

By Personal Boat

If you will be traveling to Seguin Island on your personal watercraft, please review this important to ensure your visit is a great one!

Navigating to Seguin by Boat

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