August 31, 2016

Instead of our usual 5:30am Wednesday morning alarm, we slept in until a little after 7 since we weren’t going off-island today.  The forecast called for bad seas but when we looked from our vantage point at 140 feet above sea level, they didn’t seem as bad as we had expected.  We had just a light south/southwest wind around 8mph and cloudy overcast skies with just a glimmer of sun peeking through here and there.

Breakfast. Yum!
Breakfast. Yum!

For breakfast, Patty made an egg quiche sort of thing with tortillas instead of pie crust.  Besides egg, it had peppers, onion, cilantro, and plenty of cheesy goodness with sliced avocado on the side.  Afterwards, Patty went next door to do a little cleaning while I organized more stuff to take off-island when we go (we hope) tomorrow or Friday and also spent a little time on a blog post.

Waves at Cobblestone Beach
Waves at Cobblestone Beach

I was wearing long pants during the day for the first time since May or early June – it’s definitely cooling off a little now which is different for us having always lived in places where late August and early September are typically just as hot as mid-summer.  It’s nice although I’m not sure either of us would do well when it gets Maine cold.

Waves outside the Cove
Waves outside the Cove

Later in the morning, we went down the hill to get water and bring more stuff down that’s going to leave the island on our next trip.  We lounged around a little for the rest of the morning and then Patty made lunch of salads for both of us and leftover pizza from me.

Overcast and gray sky
Overcast and gray sky

We decided the seas must be worse than they look to us because we have seen very few boats on the water and none have come to Seguin even though the weather otherwise is pretty nice – not too windy, comfortable cool, and overcast but not raining.  Ethan did text to say he thought the forecast he got wasn’t a good one and we probably could have gone – we texted back that we were game to go today if he wanted to and we could be down in the cove, loaded up, and ready to go in less than an hour but he texted back “nah.”  So our off-island Wednesday streak grinds to a halt at one.

Patty's Irish Soda Bread
Patty’s Irish Soda Bread

Patty spent a couple of hours in the afternoon baking cookies, Irish soda bread, and cooking spaghetti sauce while I cleaned out the “finished” material from the composting toilet in our side of the house – what she was doing and what I was doing were surely opposite ends of the spectrum of the things we do to stay busy.  Until I was finished and cleaned up, I kept my distance from the kitchen.

Patty's Spaghetti Sauce
Patty’s Spaghetti Sauce

For the remainder of the afternoon, we read and did a few odds and ends around the house and museum/gift shop.  We needed to mow the lower areas, but rain sprinkles here and there all day kept the grass too wet.  As I am writing this, it seems like we had a really lazy day but somehow we felt like we were pretty busy doing something…

For dinner, Patty made spiral pasta (like spaghetti but spiral – thank you John and Terri!) with the sauce she made earlier today and parmesan cheese.  While we were finishing dinner, we saw two visitors walk to one of the benches facing west towards the sunset.  A few m

few minutes later, we went outside to greet them but they were gone.  We figure they must be staying aboard a boat in the cove so maybe they’ll come up tomorrow to see the tower and museum.  We hope so since we missed them.

Pasta and sauce for dinner
Pasta and sauce for dinner



As of the end of the day, Ethan says we’re on for tomorrow morning to go off-island.  Cyndy and Ken are going to come and take our place while were gone, giving tours, working the museum & gift-shop, etc.  He’s going to pick us up at 5:40am in the cove and then we’ll come back with his regular ferry that leaves Popham at 11am.  That will give us plenty of time to get a load of stuff off-island, do laundry, shop, replenish our drinking water, and get something to eat.WP_20160831_19_04_37_Pro

Visitors – 2

Favorite Moment(s) – Sleeping late (till 7:15am!) on a Wednesday

Sunrise – 5:52am
Sunset – 7:07pm

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