July 9, 2016

Sailboat passing the cove
Sailboat passing the cove

We woke up to calm winds with heavy fog and light rain – seems we’ve settled into this pattern after weeks of mostly warm and sunny weather.  We enjoy having people visit the island but with weather like this, we aren’t likely to see many people.  Patty heated up blueberry pancakes we had left from yesterday and added some fresh blueberries and mango on top along with coffee for breakfast at the kitchen table.

Later in the morning, we went down to the Whistle House workshop to finish the work we started yesterday on trailhead signs – I replaced the old worn stakes with new ones and Patty repainted the white lettering on top of the fresh green paint she applied yesterday.  Patty’s lettering was tedious and while she worked on that, I removed the new screen door insert from the gift shop and brought it down to the Whistle House.  If you follow the blog, you know the Wednesday Warriors made the custom screen door over the course of several weeks and installed in this past Wednesday – we were really excited about having it up so that on warm days, we’ll have more air circulation in the gift shop and museum while still keeping out the bugs.  Last night while locking things up, we noticed the screen had been torn out at the bottom – someone must have accidentally pushed the door open by the screen….  Bummer.

I ended up talking to Rick, the Wednesday Warrior that led the screen door effort, later in the day while he happened

Rocks & Shells as checkers pieces in the museum
Rocks & Shells as checkers pieces in the museum

to be at the hardware store and he’s going to bring out more screen and some Plexiglas to put over the bottom to protect the screen and prevent another accident.  We were hoping we could get it fixed ourselves but we didn’t have what we needed on the island to be able to do that.  At least we’ll be able to have it prepped for Rick and company to either fix it next Wednesday or leave us the materials so we can do it afterwards.

Back up at the house, we had ham and swiss cheese sandwiches with lettuce, tomato, and onion.  Thank you to our overnight guests Tom and Whitney for leaving us the deli sliced ham!  We moved into the living room with the heater after lunch and hunkered down to read for a while.  It felt cold and raw outside and it was too wet to do much in the yard so we just spent a lazy few hours inside.  We even went upstairs and laid down to take a nap at one point we were being so lazy.  To our shock and surprise, almost as soon as we laid down, we heard voices outside.  Couldn’t be, could it?  We both looked at each other and said almost simultaneously, “did you hear voices?”  Maybe it was the VHF radio?  I hustled downstairs and looked out the front and side windows and didn’t see anyone but when I went back to the kitchen, sure enough, there were four people standing by the garden.

DSC00262I put on my fleece (over my hoodie) and went outside to greet them and saw two of them were wearing shorts, no shoes, and a single layer shirt and the other two were dressed only slightly warmer.  Meanwhile, Patty had opened up the gift shop door and we brought them inside to sign the guestbook and warm up a little.  They had come out in their own boat today specifically just to visit Seguin this afternoon.  They even paddled boarded from their mooring in the cove to the shore.  The seas weren’t really bad today but we had a roughly north wind again which blows directly into the cove making for choppy conditions.  And, as I mentioned, it felt pretty cold today.

They spent a good amount of time in the museum and one of the guys was especially interested and had lots of

Surprise visitors on a chilly day
Surprise visitors on a chilly day

questions and then I took them up to tour the tower.  Usually, I start my little spiel on the steps in front of the tower because the echo inside makes it hard to hear but given how chilly it was, the breeze, and how they were dressed, we started inside with the interior double doors closed.  They asked more questions on the way up and then went outside on the catwalk to get the full 360-degree view and lingered up there longer than I would have expected.  Visibility wasn’t too bad but in the short time they were here, fog was coming in from the west and they left to get back down to their boat pretty quickly after the tour.

Yogi waiting for a handout (that's not coming)
Yogi waiting for a handout (that’s not coming)

Back inside, I caught up on the blog – the internet was excruciatingly slow uploading pictures – and finished after taking a lot longer than usual.  Patty started getting dinner together which we ate a couple of hours later.  We had leftover scallops and pasta from last night with the addition of mushrooms and red peppers that Patty sautéed and mixed in.  Alongside we had a kale salad (from the garden) which had tomatoes, shallots, mushrooms, and olives in addition to the kale.

We didn’t have a sunset tonight and by the time we headed up to bed, it had started to rain steadily which we expect to continue through the night and into tomorrow morning.

Visitors – 4

Scallops, pasta, and kale salad for dinner
Scallops, pasta, and kale salad for dinner

Favorite Moment(s) – having surprise visitors on a less than ideal weather day.

Sunrise – 4:55am
Sunset – 8:15pm

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