Cloudy and calm morning to start our day with the forecast calling for heavy rain in the afternoon. Temperatures started in the high forties and rose to the mid-fifties by noon.  Figured with Cindy still here, her and Tara would clean up and set up the giftshop and museum in the morning as I did odd jobs and organizing a toolbox to keep basic tools at the house. Day remained dry into the afternoon so we set about cleaning Clivus restroom and clearing hiking trails. Had to fix broken hose that runs to the boathouse so we had water to clean the Clivus. We called the work day done at 1600 and started dinner prep and then a well-deserved shower. Wind increased from the south and rain started in earnest at 1800 just before we all settled down for supper.

It is only our third day but we feel a sort of routine starting to take place. Coffee and breakfast then start the day’s chores on our list adjusting them for weather conditions. Break for lunch then continue with chores until late afternoon.

 Tara after weedwacking trail.


Then we take showers and all sit down together for supper. Will feel lonelier at supper when Cindy returns to the mainland later this week. We settle down for the evening listening to music, reading and catching up on our media.  We feel tied but not rushed knowing we should be done with the Lighthouse opening work by end of week. After this week things should become even more routine with most chores being keeping up the grounds maintenance.  

Thank you for your support!

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