Monday, June 12, 2017

It turned out to be a busy day on the island today, we had 10 visitors (and 2 toddlers) while the mainland had a few extremely hot days for June.  The wind was blowing a gentle cool breeze over Seguin all day, it was warm but only in the mid 70’s.  The fun of being the care keepers is getting to meet a wide assortment of people and a chance to get a brief glimpse into their lives.

We had a family of 4 vacationing from New Hampshire staying at a cottage in Popham Beach, the high school age sons had just finished school for the year.  Also, a group from LL Bean with 2 little ones came out for a picnic and gorgeous views, it was fun watching the toddlers run around on the lawn giggling.  And then at the end of the day, we had 2 gentlemen arrive by power boat and were going to spend the night on one of the courtesy moorings.  One of the men was due to graduate from Massachusetts Maritime Academy on Saturday, and these few days were his last before starting work full time.

While the list of yard maintenance is always present, sometimes you just need to take a moment and play a little.  Brian found a kite from a previous keeper and decided it was the day to fly it near the tower.  It was fun watching it flutter (and fall) near the lighthouse for an hour of fun time.

Brian flying the kite
The kite made it higher than the tower

One project Brian has been contemplating since we got on island is the crooked birdhouse in the front yard.  He realized it was standing at an angle because the wood was rotted and the wood around the bolts was cracked.  Between the 2 of us and a rope, we successfully lowered the birdhouse to the ground.  Turns out this birdhouse weighed a lot and still no birds were living in it.  We finally managed to get the house down to the Whistle House so I could scrape and paint it while Brian figures out how to put it back up safely.  This may require a few stronger hands to get done, maybe some help from the Wednesday Warriors?

Tara getting the bird house all spiffed up
First coat of paint is going on

Even the dogs decided the warm change in temperature was meant for serious sun worshipping on the rocks off the kitchen, they melted.  A nice change from wearing the sweaters I make them wear!

Pickles and Phinneus enjoying the warmer temperatures

Guests today – 10

Guests total – 78

USCG – 6

Thank you for your support!

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