August 23, 2016

The weather this morning was nice and cool with a light southwest breeze.  Patty and I had fruit for breakfast and then sat on the front porch reading.  Cyndy called to let us know the people that cut the mooring rope last week called the office to explain what happened, will return the bouy, and have offered to pay to have the rope replaced.  We were so happy to hear that.  I’m not totally sure of the details but apparently someone on their boat was sick and they could not get untied so the cut the rope, or something like that.  Just glad to know it will be fixed at no cost to F.O.S.I.L.S.

Sunrise this morning
Sunrise this morning

The ferry arrived late morning and we were busy with them and other guests for the next several hours.  From Ethan’s boat, the first two visitors were a mom and her 20ish son from Fort Hood, Oregon who raced up the hill first and beat all the others by a good ten minute or more.  By the time the next visitors got to the top, they had already toured the tower and were out hiking the North Trail.  They were also about the last to go down the hill to catch the ferry back and we got to chat with them for quite a while then.  We also had two other families, not with one another, made up of a mom, dad, and daughter that were coincidentally both from Connecticut but with cottages in Maine.  The mom in one of these families told us her brother is a lighthouse keeper at the Point Sur light in California.  The lighthouse there had a 1st Order Fresnel lens that was removed to a museum in Monterrey but it’s going to be restored to the lighthouse tower at Pt. Sur sometime in the near future.

Family visiting Seguin from Connecticut
Family visiting Seguin from Connecticut

We also had two large families, one of nine from Yonkers, NY and another of seven

Up the Lighthouse Trail empty handed.
Up the Lighthouse Trail empty handed.

partially from Henry Island, Washington and the rest from Massachusetts.  A local couple also came out and the husband told me that 50 years ago he and a friend tried to visit Seguin from Ocean Point in an open boat with just a 5hp engine only to realize part way over they didn’t have enough gas.  To conserve gas for the way back, they decided to start rowing but the tide and current pushed them away from Seguin and they never made it.  It took him 50 years to finally get out here and he was super excited to see the light up close.

After Ethan’s visitors started down the hill, Patty and I took a break for lunch and had some pasta that Patty cooked this morning with homemade sauce we had in the freezer.  Shortly after eating, six kayakers who paddled over from Reid State Park arrived including one that is a friend of Julie’s and was just out here a few days ago.

Sailboat of family that visiting this afternoon. They're heading back to their home on Chebeague Island in the Casco Bay.
Sailboat of family that visiting this afternoon. They’re heading back to their home on Chebeague Island in the Casco Bay.

A family of five was our last group of visitors of the afternoon.  They arrived in a nice catamaran sailboat on their way back to Chebeague Island in the Casco Bay where they live year-round.  They were a super nice, interesting couple and their three young children were really well behaved and nice also.  They were asking about our lifestyle on

Black bean nachos.
Black bean nachos.

Seguin and we asked a lot of questions about living on Chebeague and on their boat.  They’ve been away from home all summer on the sailboat and also

Dinner snack
Dinner snack

working at a camp where she taught art.  She showed us some pictures of artwork on her phone that she’s done including one nice piece that LL Bean bought and used for the cover art on one of their recent catalogs.  We could have chatted with them even longer but winds, tides, and weather sometimes dictate when visitors have to leave as it did today so they left and I was able to get some pictures of them sailing past not long afterwards.

We took a few more things down the hill for our day off-island tomorrow and them relaxed for the rest of the afternoon and evening.  Patty made a platter of black bean nachos for a dinner snack which was plenty considering the big lunch of pasta we had in the afternoon.WP_20160823_19_28_54_Pro

Visitors – 37

Favorite Moment(s) – meeting and talking with family that lives on Chebeague.

Sunrise – 5:43am
Sunset – 7:21pm


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