June 7, 2016
WP_20160607_10_23_46_ProEarly this morning, we sat on the front porch of the Caretaker’s Quarters enjoying our coffee and watching the sun, low in the sky, reflect off the water. It was quite warm and we had our hats pulled down low to shield our eyes from the sun. We talked about what we wanted to accomplish today and how it felt like it was going to be a hot day.
By 7:30, all of that changed. The sky clouded up quickly and a fog rolled in over the island, briefly limiting visibility from the house to just the edges of the mowed lawns. Then it cleared again, then it rained, the sun came out and it was clear until it rained again and afterwards got foggy. Then it was sunny. Then rainy. We had about a week’s worth of weather today.

When the weather was good, we took care of some outside chores including push mowing the topside areas and weed WP_20160607_10_28_51_Prowhacking the Lighthouse Trail. Patty mowed with the riding mower a little too. We also hung some of the guest linens out on the line to let them air out and freshen up from winter storage. We fixed the bench that lost a seat slat when it blew over in Sunday night’s storm.


When it rained, we moved inside and did a few chores there. Painted (final side, second coat) the screen door insert and made new supports for the bell that sits next to the museum and gift shop. The current supports are shimmed up in some places and the new ones should blend in a little better. We painted those with a gray porch floor paint that we hope will further camouflage them.IMG_0450

For lunch, we had a lunch of crackers, cheese, carrots, brie, hummus, etc.

Dinner with leftover tuna steak and wasabi dressing
Dinner with leftover tuna steak and wasabi dressing

At the end of the day, we walked down to the cove and put some air into Hinckley so she’ll be ready tomorrow when Ethan comes to pick us up. We also wanted to do it a beforehand to get an idea of how fast or slow the leak is…we’ll see in the morning.

For dinner, we had a big salad with left over tuna steak from last night. Patty made a really good dressing with some of the wasabi we had from yesterday mixed with sesame oil, soy sauce and rice vinegar. IMG_0451Delicious! After dinner, we even got a slight glimpse of a sunset between the clouds.

All in all, I guess it was a busy but uneventful day. As always though, the scenery was gorgeous.

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Favorite Moment(s) – walking up the Lighthouse Trail together in the rain.

Sunrise – 4:45am
Sunset – 8:12pm

Thank you for your support!

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