August 4, 2016

The early morning was sunny and warm with almost no wind but some decent sized swells on the ocean.  We had coffee on the porch for a few minutes before eating fruit for breakfast in the kitchen.  After breakfast, we Jack & Jilled down the hill to fetch five gallons of water, more than usual but we got behind in fetching yesterday.

Quiet and calm in the Cove this morning.
Quiet and calm in the Cove this morning.

Not long after, a group of six came up the hill and it turned out they were our scheduled overnight visitors.  The group planning to stay was five, including two adult sisters, a friend from Australia, the daughter of one sister, and the mom of the sisters.  The father of the sisters brought them over in his boat and he was quite concerned with the seas today and even more concerned about the seas tomorrow.  He had planned to drop them off and someone else was picking them up tomorrow but that person said he couldn’t if the forecast held for

Sun shining through the lens at the top of the lighthouse tower.
Sun shining through the lens at the top of the lighthouse tower.

Friday.  After some discussion on the way over, they decided they didn’t want to risk staying and getting stuck so their visit ended up being a short one of just an hour or two.  They were really bummed but plan to reschedule for next year because one sister has to return to her home in the Netherlands, the other to NJ, and the friend to Australia.  We were disappointed for them and hope having next year to look forward to will suffice for now.

Before Ethan arrived, we had some leftover burgers for lunch and they were actually pretty good.  My expectation was that they’d be like rocks – when we cooked them with our visitors the Munro’s, Patty put the leftovers in the grill with the lid closed to protect them from the gull until someone wanted a second.  I watched her do it and said what a good idea it was.  I forgot that I had left the grill on to burn off some the schmutz on the rack.  No one wanted a second burger and later, after we finished eating and were cleaning up, we realized we had some very well done burgers.  Oops.  But, nothing goes to waste so we saved them and they weren’t bad at all.

Lobster salad sandwich snack
Lobster salad sandwich snack

Ethan’s group starting making their way up the hill a little before noon and we started meeting and greeting, giving tours, working the gift-shop, etc.  His group was fairly large today and I had the chance to talk for a long time with one woman in particular who lives in Bath with her husband and they are celebrating their 50th anniversary this year.  She didn’t much like heights so while everyone on the tour went out onto the catwalk at the top of the tower, I stayed inside and talked with her.  She told me how much she and her husband enjoy each other’s company and how living out here together if they were a few years younger would be a dream experience.  Another family of four (parents and two son’s) were visiting from St. Louis, WP_20160804_19_56_35_Prohaving driven out for a two-week vacation at a nearby “camp” their extended family has had for generations.  Their two sons, Sumner and Tucker were especially polite and attentive during the tour and afterwards when they all said goodbye.

In addition to the ferry group, we had a number of other groups visit – a couple, a family of six, and a party of three that included a father and son with a friend of the fathers.  Their two wives stayed aboard the sailboat while the boys came ashore to check out the island.  The friend of the father was interested in everything in the museum and tower and the father and son finally had to drag him out to get back to the boat.  The wind was picking up and I think they were ready to go before the seas got too rough.WP_20160804_19_56_41_Pro

Patty went down the hill just to check out what was happening in the cove – was it rough and how many boats did we have moored.  She saw one sailboat leaving the cove and just one boat left on a mooring, not rocking too bad on the waves.  I stayed up at the house reading and took a nap while Patty was hiking up and down the hill.  Very helpful.  When she got back up the hill, we had an afternoon snack of sandwiches with leftover lobster which Patty used to make a lobster-salad.

DSC00604Probably because of the building winds and seas, we didn’t have any additional visitors for the rest of the day.  Something weird was going on as a result of the wind or who knows what but on the Coast Guard channel we monitor on the VHF, we were picking up calls from Long Island, Boston, and the Canadian Coast Guard in Halifax.  One the radio, we couldn’t get a local NPR station but the CBC station from somewhere north of the border was clear as could be and when I turned on our Internet hot-spot to post the blog, a message came up that I was roaming internationally and extra charges would apply.  Strange.

Patty made mussels with roasted garlic over rice noodle pasta for DSC00606dinner.  We’ve had this once before recently and we both really liked it so she whipped it up again.  We even have some left for tomorrow’s lunch.  After dinner, we had another pretty sunset and then called it an early night not long after.

Visitors – 38

Favorite Moment(s) – talking with the wife of a couple from Bath celebrating their 50th Anniversary this year.

Sunrise – 5:21am
Sunset – 7:50pmDSC00608

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