July 13, 2017 – It is not all sunrises and sunsets!

Today turned out to be one of those days where there is no glory in being a caretaker at Seguin.  Brian and I needed to figure out why the composting heads in the cottage were not working properly.  I spent hours reading over the manual and diagnosing the problem but I needed Brian to help with the hoses and clamps.  It appears over time the composting heads evaporating tray can have ammonia salt build up and the drain hose becomes clogged.  Without going into very specific details, the problem was the liquids were not draining and perhaps they needed to be removed manually, not a fun or glorious job.

After 5 hours with boiling water, pine shavings, a plastic shovel and an air compressor, I can finally report I think the clogged drain is functioning again and I needed a very long hot shower.  The guest cottage composting head will be tackled next week.

Tara is the only one who can fit in the very tiny space to work

Almost done, by the end of the day, Tara had hugged and almost climbed into the composting head.

This was a good day to tackle this project because we had a rainy day with northeast winds, not a great combination for visitors to arrive in the cove, including the 2 couples who were supposed to arrive today to stay in the guest cottage, I guess we will need to eat all of the chocolate cookies I had waiting for them.

The funny part of the day is Sam the Seagull.  There is this one seagull who has bonded with us, sort of.  We don’t feed it but he is always watching us when we are outside, usually at a safe distance of 10-15 feet.  He even sits on the chimney when I am up in the tower giving tours.  Last night he decided he was going to oversee Brian and the bbq.

Sam the Seagull is never far away when we are outside
He really is quite handsome

The weather is predicted to be better tomorrow, maybe we will finally see what summer in Maine is supposed to be really like.


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Guests total – 491

USCG – 6

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