July 4, 2016

Jet Ski in the cove
Jet Ski in the cove

We started off the morning with English muffins with scrambled eggs & spinach…and coffee of course.  Shortly after breakfast, we hosted two families that arrived separately, one after the other and then Ethan brought a large group in his big boat, the Leeward.

At the same time Ethan’s group arrived, others also came in their own boats and we were busy into the early afternoon talking with visitors, working the museum & gift shop and giving tours.  Two families that didn’t know each other before this week arrived separately, both from Small Point where they were vacationing with their respective families.  Neither family knew the other was coming to Seguin today but their kids had become friendly across the way at Small Point and were excited to see each other here too.  Pretty cool, right?

Another couple who live in Phippsburg (but originally from NJ) brought over the wife’s sister and brother-in-law

Mitchell relaxing on the Boathouse deck
Mitchell relaxing on the Boathouse deck

from Florida (but originally from NJ) to see Seguin – got that?  Apparently, over the past 20 years, the entire extended family has visited Seguin except this one couple, not for lack of effort, had never made here because of weather every time they tried.  So, finally, after 20 years, they made it and were thrilled to be here.  The husband wasn’t excited about heights but he was game to go out on the catwalk and get the full 360.  The wife of the couple from Phippsburg was decked out in her 4th of July shirt and having a ball showing off Seguin to her sister-in-law and brother-in-law.  They were lots of fun, and had tons of local information.  Another great guest!

Still relaxing on the deck
Still relaxing on the deck

When we had a stretch of slow time, we had leftover Pad Thai for lunch and then headed down the hill to get gas and water.  The tide was really low and Patty walked the beach looking for shells and sea glass while I lounged in an Adirondack chair in the sun on the boathouse deck.  The water was calm and it was just warm and peaceful sitting there.  Patty shook up the tranquility when she went over to check the camp area to see if the nesting gull there had finally moved on.  She had not.  And she followed Patty down the trail back towards the Engine House and pooped on her head (on Patty’s head that is).  We went up the hill shortly afterwards!

It was breezy up top, cooler than down by the cove.  Patty decided she wanted to hop in

Patty walking the Cove beach
Patty walking the Cove beach

the shower for some reason and within a minute or two a family of four came up the hill to see the lighthouse.  They were from Sugarland, Texas outside of Houston but keep a house in Portland and were boating in the area and stopped to see the island.  I took them up to see the tower and then into the museum where Patty joined us for a time before they went back down to their boat.

Uh oh... Sea Tow to the rescue just off the east side of Seguin
Uh oh… Sea Tow to the rescue just off the east side of Seguin

Around 6 or so, we had a family of six arrive from Southport which is just to our northeast a way – we can see it from Seguin most of the time.  They were really nice and interesting – their home is southwestern Virginia, not too far from our hometown, but the husband works as a private pilot and is living with his family on Southport for the summer because his client is there.  The kids could not have been more well behaved and polite and they were one of those families that is nice to spend time with

Family at the picnic table
Family at the picnic table

because they seem genuinely happy to be together.  One of their younger daughters has been looking at Seguin from Southport for the past two summers while they were there and said Seguin must be the most special place ever and wanted more than anything to visit.  A couple they are friendly

4th of July-wear
4th of July-wear

with on Southport offered to bring them all over to see the island so all eight of them boated across to see the lighthouse and island.  All our visitors are a pleasure to host but these folks in particular were easy to like and fun to have with us.

We ended the evening with burgers and cucumber/tomato salad for dinner.  Our plan was to grill the burgers outside but the wind was blowing too hard to get the grill going so

Sailboat passing by Seguin
Sailboat passing by Seguin’s Cove

we prepared them in the cast iron skillet in the oven.  Sunset afterwards was nice but it was windy again around that time so we didn’t say outside any longer afterwards than was necessary to lower and fold the flag.

Visitors – 48

Favorite Moment(s) – spending time with a family of visitors from Southport along with the couple that brought them over.  Walking the cove beach and sitting on the boathouse deck in the sun.

Sunrise – 4:51amWP_20160704_20_05_32_Pro
Sunset – 8:17pm

Island is Open!

Seguin Island is now open to visitors. Make your plans today!
We look forward to seeing you ashore!

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