Wonderful week with warm/hot July days and cool nights.

Special events included a poem given to us after a young man was awed by Seguin beauty.  Then we met a man and wife who came up from their sailboat, the wife for the first time and the man for the second time since 45 years ago!

Best of all Friday, Seguin hosted a three generation family of 21 people.
Summering in Boothbay, with two boats, they try to do an overnight on one of the many Maine offshore islands every year.  Four in beds of Assistant Keepers house, the rest in the campground, they left Saturday morning telling us this was one of the best family vacations ever.  We swelled with pride!

Pictures below show how happy children are here when no one is telling them to hold their hand or not to talk to strangers.  Everyone becomes a friend on Seguin.

Two more weeks for us at Seguin.  We are counting down the days with some sadness at leaving but confident that FOSILS will keep this sanctuary for us and the public forever.

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