Monday, August 7, 2017 – Happy Anniversary

When I was thinking about writing todays blog around noon, I was wondering what I was going to write about and now as I write it, I am overwhelmed about everything I want to share about today.  I guess the adage, always expect the unexpected holds true for today.

August 7th is a great day for Brian and I because it is our wedding anniversary, we were married 5 years ago today on the bow of our boat, Scout, in Block Island’s Great Salt Pond.  I think Brian felt if we got married our adventuresome life would change but as we both know the adventures just keep getting better.  Ok, all for the mushy stuff on today’s post.

The low tide was at 6am this morning and the sun was starting to shine which meant only one thing, head down to the cove to sea glass hunt!  I also figured I would pick berries on the lower trails at the same time, I still needed about 1 cup of mixed berries to make a berry sauce for the ice cream I want to make for Wednesday’s Warriors. My hunting for sea glass has become a small obsession of mine but it is also very meditative at the same time.  It gives me a chance to unwind without feeling any level of stress, I might miss this part of my day more than anything else on the island.

I made it back to the cottage with a stash of glass and a cup of berries!  I still needed to bake cookies for tonight’s guests next door and in general, get our day organized.  The weather forecast isn’t great for tonight into tomorrow so I am not sure if the overnight guests will even arrive on the ferry with Ethan.  I sent Ethan a quick text to ask him to let me know if they cancel the trip because of the forecast, his reply is the ferry broke down and there won’t be a trip today.  Ok, I guess no guests and no 25 ferry visitors today, this is going to end up a boring day.  No biggie, I froze the cookie dough for the next overnight visitors and washed the berries to start the process of making the mixed berry sauce for the ice cream.

Today’s traffic report around the islandLe Grand Bleu, the largest privately owned yacht at a mere 371 feet in length. It boasts 2 individual cranes so it can also carry a 73 ft sailboat on the portside and a 68 ft power boat on the starboard side. It is registered in Bermuda and is sailing the Maine coastal waters this summer.

When you live on a boat for a few years, you learn to make do with the equipment you have available to you in the galley.  I miss my Kitchen Aide stand mixer more than any other piece of equipment, and now that we are in the cottage, I never remember exactly what is here and when I need something, it is an all-out hunt for it.  Today, I used a blender and tried to come up with some piece of equipment to strain the seeds from the sauce with little success.  But then I kind of remembered finding cheese cloth a while back but couldn’t remember where I saw it, the hunt began!  Complete success and the sauce came out amazing.  I can’t wait until tonight to make the ice cream which will feature the sauce, Seguin Island Mixed Berry ice cream.

Seguin Island Mixed Berry Ice Cream

Brian went down and cut the grass along the Cove Trail and campsite while I stayed up for any visitors.  We did have a few private boats come for a visit, including frequent visitors that are FOSILS member from Portland, this was their 3rd visit this season.

I worked in the garden because everything is out of control, including the weeds.  The tomato plants needed to be staked up because they are getting heavy with fruit.  Also, the pea pods and green beans needed to be harvested again. As I was outside working, the wind picked up and the clouds were filling in which kind of gave us the thought it would be a quiet rest of the day, and Brian was already contemplating an afternoon nap.

Sam the Seagull overseeing the steak on the grill, Brian may need some help with that!
Thank goodness Sam doesn’t like summer squash or he would have easy pickings!

We rolled into the later afternoon and I was busy with the ice cream making around 6 when all of a sudden I hear Brian laughing with a bunch of people, yep, the overnight guests arrived by their own boat.  It is 5 women known as the Southport Yacht Club Moms.  One of the woman captained the boat over for their 3rd year in a row staying a night on the island, a little wine and cheese time away from the families.  At sunset, Brian decided to set off the sunset cannon, and the ladies came over to our side with fake mustaches and blinking glasses on thinking we had just popped a bottle of champagne to celebrate our anniversary.  Of course, both of us needed to put on the blinking glasses as well while we sat around and chatted for a while.  What a fun way to end a day on the island!

The Southport Yacht Club Moms here for the overnight
Just one more story!

Guests today – 20

Guests total – 1241

USCG – 6

Thank you for your support!

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