Friday, August 11, 2017

S/V Oliver Hazzard Perry
Good Friday Morning

Early this morning I was sitting at the desk overlooking the east side of the island and saw a ghostly site, a square-masted schooner sailing by the island!  This was even before sunrise but there was enough light to have it stand out.  It was just a little spooky seeing it knowing all the ghost stories that surround the island.  We have an AIS app on the iPad and used it to identify the boat as the S/V Oliver Hazzard Perry making her way up to Rockland from Portland. As I was taking pictures of the boat, I was also treated to a gorgeous sunrise.

A juvenile seagull hanging out with me at low tide for sea glass hunting.
I love this view from the North Trail, this was my view as I picked Blackberries this morning

Today is the day Ken Young from FOSILS was hosting a group from the Maine Maritime Museum and we were expecting them around 11.  Brian and I tried to get some chores done but again we were interrupted by early visitors.  We really want to get a chance to complete another complete pass on the trails with the weed wacker but it will be put off another day.  I did have a chance to pick some perfectly ripe blackberries and bake a dozen cookies for Ken to take back with him because I felt terrible on Wednesday when he was disappointed I hadn’t baked anything special for the Wednesday Warriors.

Ken Young talking with a visitor from the Maine Maritime Museum
This picnic lunch was by far the best one seen all summer! Cheers
Another happy dog visiting the island

The visitors in the museum group were so much fun to talk to and it was the first time I heard Ken give the historical narrative of the island, another chance to learn more about Seguin. As the day progressed, Brian and I take turns taking Phin and Pickles out for a breath of sunshine.  Brian mentioned to me in passing that something wasn’t right with Phin but he was stilling willing to eat a part of Brian’s lunch.  We had 4 sailors arrive in the cove later in the afternoon and as Brian was taking them up to the tower, I went to walk the dogs again and at this point I saw Phin having a difficult time breathing.  When I got him back in side, he collapsed and minutes later had passed away.  He led an adventurous life as our dog and I am so grateful he could pass on to the Rainbow Bridge on his own terms.  Knowing Phin, he will be the newest ghost story on Seguin, maybe a dog barking in the fog?  He will be missed but I am happy he is at peace.

Phinneus loving his boat life

Guests today – 41

Guests total – 1415

USCG – 6

Thank you for your support!

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