July 29, 2016

We were up around 6:30 and downstairs shortly after, ready to start our second day of “acting natural” with Janet and her cameras.  First, she filmed us raising the flag (with more ceremony than on a normal day), then Patty making breakfast, me typing the blog on our laptop, and even the coffee dripping into the pot.

Exciting shot of coffee brewing.
Exciting shot of coffee brewing.

Unfortunately, the weather was really foggy in the morning, not the sunny and bright weather we’ve had most days recently but we moved outside after breakfast.  She shot us doing some chores in the tower; sweeping, dusting the lens, etc. and then for a sit down interview on the front porch.  I think Patty and I did a good job of not talking over one another and staying somewhat on-topic in our answers to her questions.  Who knows…  At least we hope there’s enough to edit into a coherent piece – Janet seemed to think so.  Throughout the morning, Janet also had a live-streaming camera setup outside the lighthouse on a ledge above the catwalk.  Anyone visiting could watch the view from the tower for several hours.

Mid-morning, our first visitors came up the hill.  It was another three generation family and their blue heeler mix (or favorite) named Splash.  While some members of the family came up the hill to see the museum and lighthouse, we could see the others drift by towards the south as they fished off of Seguin.  After touring the tower, they went off the hike the North Trail and Patty, Janet, Scott, and I went down the hill so Janet could shoot our water fetching routine.

After capturing the excitement of us filling smaller water bottles from bigger water jugs in the Donkey Engine House, she also captured a bit of Ethan’s ferry coming into the cove and Brook bringing visitors ashore in the dinghy.  After the first dinghy load made it ashore, Patty went up the hill to be ready for our visitors and Janet followed her up, filming Patty along the way.  I stayed down the hill with Scott a little longer to wait for his parents, who were visiting Seguin from their vacation house on the mainland.

Setting up for interview on the porch.
Setting up for interview on the porch.

Back up the hill, we hosted Ethan’s group which was pretty large today, coming in at twenty-seven in total.  Besides Scott’s Mom and Step-Dad (who were really nice and friendly), we had a lot of other fun and interesting visitors.  We talked to one family from Massachusetts for a long time – they were nearing the end of their vacation at Indian Point and said they had the best week in Maine with their two young sons, visiting different beaches, Seguin, etc.  Just a wonderful, happy, nice family.  The young boys were really sweet and happy with their new Seguin stuffed animals too.

As the ferry group started making their way down the hill for their 1:30 departure, we went down the hill also with Janet and Scott so we could row them and her gear out to the Leeward in our dinghy.  Down on the beach, we chatted with several of our departing guests before and after safely delivering Janet and Scott to Ethan and waited until they started on their way to Popham.  A couple of boats arrived while we were on the beach so we made our way back up the hill once we secured Hinckley and removed the oars.

Tower tour time
Tower tour time

The two groups that arrived as Ethan’s group was leaving were both partial repeat visitors from earlier this season.  Dwight, who me met several weeks ago, was here again from Bowdoinham, up the Kennebec, with a friend named Susan and his German Shepard Zoe.  The other group was the Woodruff family, the grandparents of which were here not long ago too and this time brought along their son and grandkids (seven in total).

Dwight & Susan and the Woodruff’s both brought a picnic lunch with them and opted to eat before doing anything else so we took a break to eat lunch (leftover burgers and Pringles) also.  Oh, and by the way, Janet obviously checked out the blog before visiting because she arrived with gifts of some really good coffee and Pringles.  Anyway, after a quick lunch, I went out to see if anyone was ready to go up in the tower and Patty went outside to chat with everyone and help them in the museum and gift-shop.  Some of them opted to go up the tower and others chose to stay down with Patty or browse around inside.

While we were in the tower, another group of four came up the hill with a bottle of wine and camped out by one of the benches near the original lighthouse location (25 meters or less from the current location) and then toured the lighthouse with me after the prior groups came down.  This foursome was all from California (LA and SF) but vacationing on Five Islands and had jet skied over and then swam ashore after tying up their jet skis to a mooring.

A fog had been building since we came up the hill after Ethan’s group left and was getting thicker but the folks who jet skied in said it was only around Seguin – it was clear everywhere else.  That was a good thing too because it got really heavy for a while before suddenly disappearing.  Around the time the fog lifted, the wind also shifted around to more of a NE direction and it also cooled down a little bit, enough for me to put on a light fleece anyway.

Janet and Scott with us shortly before they left
Janet and Scott with us shortly before they left

We weren’t all that hungry at dinner time and didn’t make anything then and just ended up having some bread and cheese before going to bed later in the evening.  This blog post is really light on pictures – I don’t know what happened but we just didn’t take many today.  Maybe having a camera pointed at you causes you to not take pictures?  We’ll do better tomorrow.

Visitors – 45

Favorite Moment(s) – spending time down on the beach with Janet, Scott, Scott’s parents, and all of the folks from Ethan’s group as they were leaving and the other visitors that were just arriving.

Sunrise – 5:14am
Sunset – 7:58pm

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