Welcome to the Friends of Sequin Island Light Station Gift Shop!

Due to the complications of Covid-19, we have not been able to open the gift shop on the island.

However, we wanted to make sure that souvenirs from the island were still accessible.

And so, without further ado, we virtually present the FOSILS Gift Shop!

Wooden and Ceramic Ornaments – $15.00 each / Brass Ornament – $25.00 each

Type of Ornament

FOSILS Bumper Sticker – $2.00 each

The Lighthouse Keepers Wife, out of print and only 6 left. Written by Connie Small – $20

Seguin photo magnets – $5.00 each

Type of Magnet

FOSILS Notecards – $2.50 each

Postcards with beautiful and colorful photos of Seguin Island.
FOSILS Notecard

FOSILS Cup Coaster – $7.00 each

Ceramic coaster.

FOSILS Frisbee Ring – $3.00 each

Plastic O ring that flies like a Frisbee.

Hand Carved Map of Seguin Island – $120

This beautifully hand carved wooden map of Seguin Island is 1 of 1.

Thank you for your support!

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