Friday, August 4, 2017

A foggy sunrise, the days are getting shorter

Another foggy day on the island, the sunrise was pretty as the fog just started to roll in from Southport Island.  We figured it would be a slow day on island today because of the fog, so after relaxing with a cup of coffee we headed to the cove for our morning walk.  The plan was to walk to the cove, check on Clivus (the composting head) and carry a 5-gallon jug of water back to the plateau.  On my list was to get the guest quarters ready for the next round and Brian was going to finish the upgrade to the outside hose system he worked on yesterday.

The boat house
A foggy cove first thing in the morning
Nothing but fog in the background of our 1858 bell
The flag is flying, we are open for business

As we were finishing up the work on Clivus, Brian thought he spotted Ethan’s boat coming into the cove, and I thought it must just be one of his fishing charters.  Nope, at 9:50 our first group of visitors were arriving from Fort Popham.  Brian and I hustled the container of water up to the top and opened the museum and tower and as we were drinking some water, the first of the ferry guests arrived.  You wouldn’t think living on the island much would catch us off guard but this early ferry ride in dense fog certainly did.

The group included an active USCG from Boothbay Harbor who has been on island with the USCG, 2 couples who traveled with their dog, Sadie, a perfect lady, as well as 3 women who were interested in the idea of staying in the guest quarters and asked for a tour.  I was slightly embarrassed because I hadn’t made the beds yet (remember my morning plans?) and when they wanted to take pictures, I asked if I could send them the pretty one I took a few weeks ago and another email friend is added to the list! The fog cleared some by the end of the groups stay for pictures of some of the scenery but down the hill they went for the noon time pick up with Ethan.

Sadie, today’s canine visitor
Sadie patiently waiting for her parents to finish their trip up the tower. She is model perfect on her poses

We figured our afternoon was going to be quiet because of the fog and we made our lunch on time and were sitting on the porch enjoying it when another large group of people started arriving.  Lunch again is put on hold and we start tours and answering questions. After Brian took the first few people up the tower I was talking to a large family reunion on the ground, I asked what kind of boat they arrived on and of course, they said by Ethan’s ferry.  We went from expecting no one today and Ethan surprised us with 2 ferry runs, yikes!  The family had their grand matriarch along with them, a lovely 84-year-old women who everyone assumed she was going to stay on the ferry but she had other plans.  She got ashore in the dinghy, walked the hill and even made it to the top of the tower!

A large family reunion joined us today, age ranges 4-84

This group headed down the hill for the 2pm pick up and at this point the island is completely fogged in, we can’t see the shoreline of the island.  Brian wanted to head off to get pictures off the North Trail in the fog and I stayed at the cottage in case we had any other visitors. The fog ended up bringing 2 boats onto the moorings in the cove to either wait out the fog or stay the night.  The young family on the trimaran came up to see the Fresnel Lens and hike the trails while the fog hung around.

The Oil House as the fog begins to fill in behind it
A trimaran and a ketch picked up moorings this afternoon when the fog was to dense to safely sail

Sometimes I am disappointed for visitors when it is foggy out here and the island doesn’t show her true colors but in honesty, this is life on one of the foggiest points on the coast, we are grey a lot, and this was life for the 3 lighthouse families as they went about their work lives out here during the 1800’s.  Not everything is blue sky and singing song birds!

An update on the veggie garden:  After 10 days of pea pods with every dinner, there is a harvest of green beans, a little variety in tonight’s dinner.  It looks like the squash and zucchini will be with in a few more days.  We have enjoyed a cucumber and hot pepper already as well!

Our first green bean harvest

Guests today – 47

Guests total – 1161

USCG – 6 (Happy 227th anniversary of the US Coast Guard today)

Thank you for your support!

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