August 29, 2016

We had strong wind overnight that by morning had died down to only around 10mph out of the southwest.  Swells looked pretty big and we think there was a small craft advisory in effect for the day.  There definitely weren’t many (if any) boats out and we felt sure Ethan made the right call in picking up Terri and John yesterday and not waiting until today.  Ethan already made the call yesterday that he would not be running the ferry today because of the seas.

Rough afternoon in the cove.
Rough afternoon in the cove.

After a breakfast of Irish soda bread, Patty went over to work on cleaning the Guest Quarters while I vacuumed and cleaned up our side of the duplex.  I think we spent the better part of the rest of the morning on the warpath against the flies that have invaded the Keeper’s Quarters over the past few days.  We also packed up more stuff that we’re going to take off-island for good on Wednesday.

Patty cooked rice noodles and mixed in the last of the chicken francese from the other night for our lunch.  It was around 12 or maybe 12:30 when we sat down at the table in the to eat.  Over the next half hour or so, we sat and watched conditions change with a nice breeze quickly working up to a strong 20+ mph wind out of the west with much higher gusts.  Because of the position of our weather station, getting an accurate read on a west wind is impossible but I’d guess the gusts were easily up to 40mph and maybe more.

This boat was spinning round it's mooring in the wind and waves.
This boat was spinning round it’s mooring in the wind and waves.

After lunch, we headed downhill to clean Clivus, get water, and to carry the things we’ve packed to take off-island to the Engine House.  About half-way down, we met with a couple coming up the trail from the cove.  We were surprised to see them because the seas have been big all day and the wind had been blowing hard for more than a half hour by then but they didn’t seem concerned.  They said they were on their way to Boothbay in a motorboat and stopped in to check out the island.  We chatted a few minutes and told them we’d be back up shortly after finishing a few chores.

Once we got the rest of the way down the hill, we walked to the boathouse to look at the cove and the wind was blowing hard, straight into the cove.  We watched the people on a smallish motor boat untie from one mooring and head out slowly and a sailboat come into the cove, circle, and head back out.  The cove was not protected at all with the wind blowing in the way it was.  The motor boat our visitors up the hill came in on was big and securely tied up but it was swinging around the mooring in the wind and choppy, swirling water.  It seemed a little sketchy to have left their boat like that but they seemed confident when we saw them a few minutes ago.

Leftover chicken, rice noodles, and chard for lunch.
Leftover chicken, rice noodles, and chard for lunch.

After our chores at the bottom of the hill, we headed back up and met with our visitors again midway up the Lighthouse Trail.  After getting to the top of the hill and feeling how strong the wind was now out in the open and the swells and chop on the seas, they had changed their mind about staying awhile and decided they better get back to their boat.  We both thought they were making the right call even if the rest of their trip to Boothbay was going to be a rough one – it seemed a better idea than riding it out in the cove anyway.


Back up the hill, with the wind gusting and now overcast skies, we hung around inside most of the rest of the day.  Patty made a big pot of tortilla soup with some of the chicken Terri & John brought, I wrote a blog post or two to catch up, and we did some reading.  We also listened to some action on the VHF Coast Guard station including the rescue of two people from a capsized sailboat between Jewell and Eagle Islands in the Casco Bay.

We also continued our fight against the flies which, with not much else to do, became an obsession.

For dinner, we had big bowls of the tortilla soup that Patty made with cheese on top and toasted white corn tortillas on the side.

The following are a few random, funny things (we think) that happened or were said over the past few days:

  • When Patty offered Terri some Cliff bars to take with them when they had to leave quickly and unexpectedly, Terri said “Uh, no thanks. I think you forget, you eat stuff like that, not me!”
  • When Patty and I met Capt. Jimbo, the lobsterman who organized the big group that visited the other day, he told us when he first heard me on the radio calling “Patty, Patty, Patty”, he thought I was calling “Daddy, Daddy, Daddy” and wondered who the heck I was.
  • After Terri and John arrived at the place they stayed after leaving Seguin, John texted me a picture of a flush toilet. If you’ve stayed here, you’ll get it.  Any maybe even if you haven’t.  Composting toilets are great.  Until they’re not…

Visitors – 2

Favorite Moment(s) – watching the big waves, homemade tortilla soup

Sunrise – 5:50am
Sunset – 7:10am

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