Monday, July 24, 2017 – Feels like late spring

Today was cold and raw, the temperatures never made it higher than 59 degrees and we ran the heat in the house for most of the day.  By mid-morning, the winds picked up and the rain started full force.  The wind was from the northeast which make the cove almost impossible to enter and be safe doing it.  The weather center in the living room was kind enough to warn us to Hold onto our Hats!   We figured there would be no one coming out to see the island today. Turns out we were wrong.

Around noon, we took a walk down to the cove just to get out of the house and we were going to bring a container of water back up to the house.  When we looked out to the cove there was a sailboat moored out there, S/V Gemini.  Hopefully, they don’t mind a very rolly experience while here.

S/V Gemini moored in the cove during a summer noreaster

I am grateful Brian is on the mend to help carry the water up the hill, I know I can do it solo but it is so much easier when 2 are involved.  The water made it to the kitchen and we settled in for an afternoon of knitting, reading, solitaire and napping.  Even the dogs were all for the napping thing.

Pickles only lifted her head from a nap because Brian had a snack she might be interested in sharing with him

Around 3:30p there was a knock on the door and the couple from Gemini wanted a tour of the tower.  Ok, no problem.  It is 56 degrees, pouring rain and the winds are averaging around 20 mph, and off I go with my foul weather gear to give a tour of the tower.  Turns out the couple on the sailboat had one day to go out sailing in Maine and today was the day.  They were planning on heading back to Harpswell when they get back to the boat.  It should make for a jaunty sail!

The rest of the day was more of the same lazy stuff we do to keep busy and keep boredom from setting in.  We both agree a day with 35-50 visitors can be exhausting but makes the day go by faster.

I finished the shawl I want to wear to my niece’s wedding in October. Julie from the Wednesday Warriors helped me save a major mistake a few weeks ago and now it is off the needles

Guests today – 2

Guests total – 798

USCG – 6

Thank you for your support!

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