Sunday, June 18, 2017 – Happy Father’s Day

The pattern is set, it is foggy out! Again, not much chance of visitors today, the wind is picking up and the fog is going to be around for a few more days. We have a few around the house things to get done today, but it is too wet to work on the trails or grass.  The big items are fix the handle on the oven door (Brian), vacuum the house (me) and plant the repaired birdhouse (both of us)!

Fog, good for the Flanagan’s and the birds
The seagulls keep a close eye on us as we walk near their nests
Buttercups blooming along the South Trail

We spent the morning walking the Cove, Cobblestone and South Trails, very foggy, big surf and a lot of seagulls hanging out.  On days like today, we could easily be lazy slugs but it makes for a long day.  The big project is to get the birdhouse back into position.  It is newly painted, the post it stands on is better supported but somehow the 2 of us need to lift this monstrosity into place and secure it to withstand big winds and visitors leaning on it! We used all options available including the height of the wheelbarrow and the elevation of the hill to get it into position and then as a team, lifted it into place and secured it without any major issue.  We know it should be safe for all because the winds were howling at around 25 mph in the afternoon with gusts up to 30 and the birdhouse is still standing!

Using the wheelbarrow and the hill to help position the birdhouse for lifting into place
Brian went searching for more dirt to secure the birdhouse. Not an easy thing when the island is a big rock!
The birdhouse is securely in position. This is the first view visitors have as they top the Lighthouse Trail

The rest of the day we searched the old island dumpsite for cool bottles. Brian found an old Skippy Peanut Butter jar from around the 1970’s and I found a Ball bottle with stars on it with a warning on it ‘Federal Law Forbids Sale of Re-use of This Bottle’. The Skippy jar now holds my sea glass treasures. I started a google search on the Ball Bottle, so far I know it was used during the Prohibition Law Period from 1935-1964 and the distiller was most likely Hiram Walker, maybe rye whiskey.  I found a site where I asked for more information on the bottle, I will now wait and see.

Our finds from the island dump, a Skippy Jar (c. 1970’s) and a Ball whiskey bottle
The Prohibition warning on bottle found at island dump

The only other fun thing to occur is I made a new batch of ice cream, remember I posted the recipe last week.  Tonight’s batch is chocolate ice cream with peanut butter and Oreo’s.  It will be ready for sampling tomorrow night for dessert.  This is why Brian and I need to walk the trails every day 😊.

Guests today – 0

Guests total – 93

USCG – 6

Thank you for your support!

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