June 3, 2017 – Farm fresh eggs

This morning we woke up without any concrete plans, no visitors were on the schedule and the riding mower was still missing a wheel.  We lazily enjoyed a big breakfast that Brian is known for and Pickles got her bacon fix.  Pickles loves her bacon and steak and she will be the first to let you know her need for such chihuahua delicacies!

How quickly a lazy day on the island can change.  Captain Ethan sent a text saying he is bringing out 3 visitors and our fixed wheel in about 20 minutes.  OK, then.  Off to the cove to great our guests and retrieve the all-important mower wheel.  Brian rowed out to meet the boat and came back with a few extra goodies compliments of Ethan, fresh cut asparagus and a dozen farm fresh eggs.  I know what we are having for dinner tonight, Quiche!  When you live on a boat with a very small refrigerator, eggs that have not been washed and refrigerated are the gold standard because you don’t need to waste precious refrigerator space on the eggs, they can be left out for 7-10 days without worry.  This present of eggs from Ethan was an excellent surprise.

A dozen fresh eggs, some are a beautiful light blue color.
Fresh aparagus

Our guests came from Westport Island and really had no idea what to expect when they arrived on island.  They were thrilled to find out someone was on island to give tours and suggest where they would enjoy the vistas the most.  Again, 3 guests that were the nicest people to have on island.  I thought the tour guide part of the summer might be the hardest to handle but it turns out, it is the most fun (next to riding the mower!).  We spent almost 2 hours talking about the history of the island and the maritime significance of the light station as well as pointing our various landmarks out in the bay.

Today’s guests visiting from Westport Island

As I was entertaining our guests, Brian was putting the repaired wheel back on the mower.  When I waved out guest’s goodbye, the mower was waiting for me to give her a spin.  Also, the North Trail has been a nemesis for Brian, he has been trying to finish clearing this trail since the 2nd day we were on island but it is either 10 inches under water or the nesting gulls are dive bombing him.  He thinks by the beginning of July; the trail should be 100% complete.

The vegetable garden has been a work in progress since arriving on island.  However, this past Thursday I could buy the seeds and plants I wanted and even got them back to the island safely through the mini squall we arrived back on island in.  I needed to spend some serious time planning how best to use the limited space I had.  I think by the middle of August I may get to enjoy the fruits of my labor, but if not the past keepers who man the island in September will get fresh veggies.  I needed to make sure all my plants/seeds would produce within 50-60 days.  I think it will be interesting to see what survives the island conditions.

The veggie garden viewed from the top of the tower
The flower planters are in place awaiting warmer weather to flourish

As promised tonight we had quiche for dinner, farm fresh eggs give a quiche a beautiful yellow color that store bought eggs can’t compete with.  Tonight’s combination in the quiche was onions, spinach, cheese and leftover bacon from this morning’s breakfast.  And yes, real men do eat quiche.  I will post the recipe in a separate blog post.

Fresh quiche hot out of the oven
Quiche served with a side salad. We will never starve out on the island
Another beautiful sunset atop the lighthouse tower, never gets old

Guests today – 3

Guests total – 50

USCG – 6

Thank you for your support!

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