August 2, 2017 – Another Wednesday off island

This morning I woke up to a very foggy sunrise.  It made for some fun pictures of a ball of fire trying its hardest to burn through the fog.  Turns out on the island it never burned off but while we were running around trying to get the weekly errands done it was a hot blue sky up above.

Ethan was right on time this morning to the cove and Brian and I were floating around in the dinghy waiting for him, and we saw the boat when it was about 200 yards away.  It was a radar driven ride back to Fort Popham because we couldn’t see much while motoring in, the only thing I saw were a few porpoises off Pond Island.

One boat in the cove this morning while we are awaiting the arrival of the Wednesday Warriors
The dinghy dock at Fort Popham, can’t see much past the dock
A fishing boat moored about 100 feet from shore, just a little dense fog to start the morning

Once we got all our gear into the van, we thought we had a good game plan for the day and I had even figured in some play time, but all good plans usually have one or two catches like ours did today.  I needed to go to the eye doctor, my old eyes just aren’t seeing like they used too.  Brian never does well waiting around for me.  The plan was to drop him off in Portland with his bike and I would go onto the Maine Mall for my eye exam and to purchase new glasses.  This was great until I was done and he sent me a text saying he was at Bug Light in South Portland and I should pick him up there, there goes the 45 minutes I had given us as a time cushion.  Now we are going to be late for the 3:30 meeting time with Ethan.  We still needed to go grocery shopping and get our drinking water.

I have spent most of my adulthood believing if you are not a few minutes early, you are late!  I don’t want to be the cause of inconveniencing others during their valuable time.  This is where I stress out and Brian believes that things happen for a reason.  Arghh!  We send a text to Ethan regarding our 30-minute delay and speed shop through Shaw’s, then head to fill our water containers.  While Brian is filling the containers, I repack our groceries into the 3 backpacks. And the van is ready to unload at Fort Popham.  But again, I am rushing around while Brian takes the bikes off the roof and puts them in the back of the van, my job is to unload the van and get the stuff towards the dock and then move the van the 1/4 mile to the parking area.

The fog is still dense the whole trip back and the Wednesday Warriors are ready at the beach for the weekly 5-minute switch off.  All our things are loaded into the dinghy and we head onto the beach.  After 30 minutes of the two of us bringing everything up to the cottage, I realize the backpack with all the non-perishable food is nowhere to be found, turns out I left it in the van.  Ethan is kind enough to agree to get our keys tomorrow, retrieve our backpack and bring it to us on Friday.  This is vital because we will be out of coffee by Saturday, and you do not want to see me without my morning coffee!

The positive of the foggy afternoon was we returned to an empty island and we both could just sit and relax for the rest of the evening because our days off island are exhausting.  Tomorrow will be back to the busy life on the island.

Guests today – 8

Guests total – 1077

USCG – 6

Thank you for your support!

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