June 9, 2016

Cove point.
Cove point.

Last night was windy and the day started (and ended) exactly the same. Most days, we have varying weather with any combination of wind, rain, fog, and/or sun – for sure, we’ve had few if any days where the weather was pretty much the same all day until today. The wind blew consistently around 20-25 mph with gusts into the mid-40’s. In spite of the constant wind, it was not too cool, it was a very clear day, and the sun was shining brightly throughout.

Cobblestone Beach
Cobblestone Beach

Our friend Deloris (D-Lo) made a breakfast of eggs and bacon and Patty added English muffins and a fruit salad. Because the weather was so windy, we lingered over breakfast and coffee inside for much of the morning. We had been keeping an eye on the wind and it seemed to be steadily coming from the northwest which we hoped would mean Cobblestone beach would be sheltered.

Patty and D-Lo on Cobblestone Beach
Patty and D-Lo on Cobblestone Beach

So, after breakfast, we all headed down there to find out.

Patty, Scott, and D-Lo at Cobblestone Beach

Sure enough, once we started along Cobblestone trail, away from the cove, we could feel the wind diminish. Then, when we reached the edge of the beach and descended down the rocks, we were completed sheltered from it. Down there, in the sun and without any wind, it was really comfortable and relaxing. The four of us hung around Cobblestone beach for an hour or more watching the ducks and the waves crashing on the rocks as the tide rose towards an afternoon high. In some ways, I think Patty and I almost appreciated it more than Scott & D-Lo WP_20160609_11_45_16_Probecause we usually look at things in terms of what we should put on our to-do list. Today, we simply enjoyed the scenery without feeling like we should be trimming the trail or whatever.

I guess that feeling didn’t last too long though because after an hour or so, Patty and I headed over to the boathouse to look at the circuit panel and to trace some wiring related to a problem we’re having with a breaker feeding electricity to that part of the property. After that, the two of us headed up the hill to the house and puttered around the house while Scott & D-Lo napped in the sun down at the beach. They were thoroughly enjoying the peacefulness and connection with nature Seguin offers. It was a tranquil day for all of us and they were fun to host too because they got into the groove right away, took care of themselves, genuinely loved the island, explored everything, and pitched in throughout. Perfect guests.

Seagull nest with eggs along the Cobblestone Beach Trail.
Seagull nest with eggs along the Cobblestone Beach Trail.

Late in the afternoon, Patty and D-Lo cooked chili and cornbread for dinner. A fitting meal for the blustery feel of the day. Along with the chili, we had lots of fixings like shredded cheddar, diced onions and jalapenos, and more that I’m sure I’m forgetting. Like this morning and last night, we were still at the dinner table long after our meal and


cleanup enjoying fun conversation and friendship. We actually haven’t known them very long but are thrilled they decided to come visit us on Seguin.

D-Lo was especially looking forward to going to sleep with the high

winds that were making the house whistle, creak, and groan but just as we all started making a move towards bed, the winds died off almost instantly. Well, at least it was going to be a cool night which she was also looking forward too!

While we didn’t “do” much today, we had a memorable day with friends and Patty and I took a day off to simply appreciate some of what Seguin has to offer us. It was a good day.

Visitors – 2

Favorite Moment(s) – enjoying the warmth of the sun and sounds of the ocean while sitting on rocks at Cobblestone Beach with our friends.

Sunrise – 4:45am
Sunset –8:13pm

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