Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The forecast was for very unsettled weather today and our day off the island was not looking promising.  Ethan called yesterday to say he would check the water state at 6:30am today and let me know if he could make the trip out to get us but we should be prepared for a short day ashore, the weather was only going to get worse.  As sailors, we check multiple weather forecasts including the NOAA marine forecast.  At 5am this morning, NOAA was predicting 4-6 foot swells coming from the NE.  The cove lies almost directly NE, meaning the waves would be crashing on the beach as we dry to row the dinghy out to Ethan’s boat, not an enjoyable experience.  The forecast for tomorrow was starting to look more promising for an enjoyable day off.  The Wednesday Warriors were already cancelled for today because of the forecast, so I sent an early text to Ethan asking if we could take tomorrow off instead with an immediate reply from him with see you tomorrow at 7 in the Cove.

Today was the epitome of pea soup fog on the island.  The water line couldn’t be seen from the cottage, and just looking out in the yard made it the background for a great murder mystery!

It was too wet to get much yard work done today, a nice break from grass cutting.  I did take a long hike around the east shore of the island checking on the different nests I have been watching with still nothing hatched.  We have been on the island for 12 days and the incubation time is around 22, when are they going to hatch?????  The foggy backdrop gave me a good chance to take some stunning pictures of the island.

A foggy view from Cobblestone Beach
A view of the boat house from the Cove’s Vista
Wash ashore treasures
Need a stick to get around the island on your visit?








As we get to know the island more we keep a running list of things we want to do on rainy days, the problem is we have more rainy days than things to do!  Brian has been cleaning and organizing the different work areas trying to put in order the island’s tools and supplies as well as maintaining some of the equipment.  His project today was to correctly repair the water pipe break that he improvised when we first got here.  The break was in the water pipe sending water down along the tram to the cove area.

I kept myself busy planning the vegetable garden but without plants or seeds yet, it was kind of boring.  The garden is now ready for planting but until we go ashore, nothing will be growing yet.  I also dug out the planters from under the porch and did a little face lift on some and the rest found some dirt out in the wild to have them ready for planting also.


Guests today – 0

Guests total – 27

USCG total – 6

Thank you for your support!

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