August is a busy month!

August is the month for visitors at Seguin Island!! Through Aug 20th, we’ve had 771 visitors in our 24 days. Volunteers Greg, Anne, Dave and Mary spent a weekend painting the lighthouse dome.








We had a memorable visit from Bill’s brother and his family from NYC. MITA crew members came for a day of trail maintenance. 8 Kayakers rowed in from the St Michaels Adventure Sports Institute. Small Point Summer School made their annual trip with 18 members . An intern from the Maine Historic Preservation Commission visited Seguin, she will be visiting all of Maine Lighthouses this summer. Members of the Freeport School enjoyed a  day at the light even though it was a bit foggy. We’ll have one final blog next week as our days here at Seguin wind down. We continue to enjoy meeting people from all over the world, beautiful sunrises and stunning sunsets. We feel truly privileged to be able to care for this amazing part of Maine maritime history. Never a bad on the island!!

Welcome Donna & Bill Stinehour!

Donna and Bill’s first blog from Seguin Island light! We had to wait
out weather for a couple days in Bath, Maine until we were able to get
out on Ethan‘s lobster boat last Friday, July 27th. Since then we have
had gorgeous weather for our first five day. Of course the island is
always beautiful. It’s been busy but rewarding. We have met a lot of
wonderful people!  To date, we’ve had 145 guests including a visit
from the Coast Guard (to work on the light and fog signal). Friday and
Saturday we had a crash course on lighthouse keeping from Greg and
Mary. We reviewed all the utility systems and the daily routine of the
island. We were treated to a wonderful lobster and corn-on-the-cob
lunch our first Friday. We have spotted 3 whales, two on our first day
! Greg and Mary’s last night on the island (Saturday) we had a BBQ
chicken dinner and they taught us to play a version of domino’s,
called Mexican Train. Greg and Mary departed Sunday morning with the
tour boat and we were on our own. We spent the next few days giving
tours, keeping the quarters squared-away for overnight guests and
mowing. We took the time to enjoy beautiful sunrises and sunsets.
Thanks to Greg, Mary, Cyndy and all the other friends who have
assisted us in getting off to a smooth start!

Happy Days on Seguin – Blog Post July 15, 2018

Wonderful week with warm/hot July days and cool nights.

Special events included a poem given to us after a young man was awed by Seguin beauty.  Then we met a man and wife who came up from their sailboat, the wife for the first time and the man for the second time since 45 years ago!

Best of all Friday, Seguin hosted a three generation family of 21 people.
Summering in Boothbay, with two boats, they try to do an overnight on one of the many Maine offshore islands every year.  Four in beds of Assistant Keepers house, the rest in the campground, they left Saturday morning telling us this was one of the best family vacations ever.  We swelled with pride!

Pictures below show how happy children are here when no one is telling them to hold their hand or not to talk to strangers.  Everyone becomes a friend on Seguin.

Two more weeks for us at Seguin.  We are counting down the days with some sadness at leaving but confident that FOSILS will keep this sanctuary for us and the public forever.

Fourth of July 2018

260 visitors since last Sunday’s post.  No visitors on Friday however, with small craft advisory and wind gusts up to 30 mph.

The highlight of the week was the July 4 holiday.  The light station was decorated with extra flags and bunting.

Greg and Mary went into Bath to meet their daughter’s family and march in the July 4th parade.
Three Wednesday Warriors greeted guests on Seguin while Mary and two grandchildren waved to the crowd from the Seguin float.

Another highlight of the week was when two young women sang a long lovely ballad because they were thrilled by the tower echo.  Everyone on the lawn was enthralled by the
a cappella harmony echoing from the tower door.

Mary and Greg have been on the island for seven weeks now, already seeing repeat visitors for whom Seguin is a favorite stop all summer long.

Blog post 7/1/2018

Busy week if one counts Wednesday-Friday small craft advisories with no visitors until Friday afternoon.

Tuesday brought out 9 kids and 2 counselors from Teen Treks, a summer program sponsored by Freeport public school system.

The one sailor on Friday was a very interesting fellow who used to be a lobsterman in Casco Bay, sold his lobster boat for a sailboat and sails all around the Maine coast in the summer.  First time at Seguin, hiked all the trails.

The “Wednesday Warriors” came out Saturday when Greg and Mary were finally able to get groceries and do laundry in Bath.  The traditional Heritage Days events were going on and the town was mobbed.  Delighted to get back to Seguin!

Sunday saw 60 visitors.  They came in sailboats, lobster boats, Ethan’s Seguin Ferry, two kayaks and one jet ski.  Time to chat with many of the visitors produced stories on child rearing, second marriages, fishing for a living and fishing for fun.  The day ended with a big crowd of Georgetown lobster families who had just attended the yearly Blessing of the Fleet in Five Islands.  Several of the kids swam to shore in the Cove.


Mary’s friend Jay kayaked from Popham in 50 minutes on Sunday!

Looking forward to July 4th and marching with the Seguin float in the Bath parade.

Backdate week of 6/24/2018

Lightning storm and 15-20 mph winds prevented visitors on Monday.  Beginning of week, Greg and Mary worked on sumac control and painting indoor floors.

Wednesday Warriors finished repairs on gutters of Fog Whistle house and planted vegetable seedlings in garden.

Thursday, the summer solstice, brought out fifteen visitors on three different private boats.  The first day of Summer really felt like a change in weather and tempo of the island.

Sunday, today, Ethan brought out 28 visitors.  Adults and children had a great time in the sunshine and two are staying overnight in the Assistant Keepers house.

Coincidentally the overnight guests wanted to come out here on their honeymoon but we’re prevented by bad weather.  That was five years ago, when we were last here, and now they are celebrating their five year anniversary.

Below are June wild flowers in their glory, photographed on hikes around the island.

Wednesday Warriors visit on 6/15/2018

The Wednesday Warriors are a group of volunteers who go out to the island on the day the keepers
come ashore to do their laundry, grocery shopping, and in Mary and Greg’s case, visit with old friends. If
the weather does not cooperate, the day may be changed. This week we went on Friday due to high
seas earlier in the week. The Wednesday Warriors have their own agenda of work that needs to be done
on the island. They also act as docents when visitors arrive. This week we hosted 30 from Brunswick Jr.
High, continued work on the Whistle House, introduced Chris Hall to the island, weed whacked the barn
site and continued to scrape lichen off the main building.

It is 6:30 am. Tom and Rick wait for Ethan to return with the Guppy for the ride out.


The river is as calm as can be as we begin our trip to the island.


We brought a new battery for the donkey engine but that doesn’t seem to be working. Chris Hall (potential new board member) and Rick and Cyndy check to make sure all other systems are working.

Rick & Cyndy


Rick and Chris




Chris inspecting the Fresnel Lens atop the tower


Lichen to be scraped from house & tower
Cyndy scraping lichen









Rick and Tom putting the final touches on the last corner of the Whistle House. Repairs have taken 2 summers. We’re finished!


WW – Tom, Rick, Cyndy & Ken on the return home. A great day!

Blog week of 6/17… More Visitors!

Calm seas returned Friday.  Warm shining, temps in mid 70’s by Saturday.  We doubled the number of summer visitors in the last two days!

Nine intrepid sailors from Outward Bound came out on Tuesday but left in a hurry to beat the gale warnings in the marine forecast.

The gale force winds, whitecaps and huge waves were thrilling for Mary and Greg, safe at the top of Seguin. The sun shone most of the week allowing for painting and mowing outside, however no working boats nor pleasure boats most of the week.

Friday brought out 28 students from Brunswick Junior High.  Not very interested in a review of American maritime history they seemed to love the climb to the lighthouse and just being away from school.

Wednesday Warriors came out on Friday this week to continue summer projects.  Mary and Greg went into Bath for routine laundry and food shopping, greatly enjoying scheduling lunches with old friends and neighbors from their 35 years as residents of Arrowsic.  Arrowsic, with two river lighthouses and a set of Range Lights, is just up the Kennebec River, where their love of Seguin started.

Tito on surveillance duty

Mt Washington and the Presidential Range 90 miles away


Blog for week of June 12… Invasive Species


Cloudy and cold…



This past week marked by rain, clouds, high surf and cool temps. Greg and Mary used the week to paint and clean museum and store. When the rain stopped, they restarted the invasive plant protocols.



Small craft advisories…




Poison Ivy in the marsh…





Poison ivy and sumacs are ubiquitous on this and all NE islands.  Our protocols aim at control rather than eradication.  We kill the poison ivy encroaching on walking trails, and keep trails wide enough to walk in middle.

With sumac, we cannot have brush fires, so selective cutting is done to patches which threaten the 360 degree views which visitors come to Seguin to enjoy.

Sumacs to be cut before they grow…

The sun is out and two boats overnighted in the Cove last night.  We expect boaters waiting for the weather to change will take advantage of today.

The Assistant Keeper Quarters are ready for next weekend’s guests and the bunk house is ready for overnight volunteers who know that hard work on Seguin is also joyful.


Thank you for a great season!

See you next Summer!

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