June 27, 2016

Pizza and eggs for breakfast!
Pizza and eggs for breakfast!

The morning started off breezy and warm with overcast skies.  After our morning coffee, Patty heated up some leftover pizza and fried eggs to go on top – don’t scoff at it if you’ve never tried it.  In my world, everything is better with an egg on it.

We’ve been busy with visitors all day long for the past several days plus our own guests and hadn’t done any mowing in a few days.  Nothing is too long or ragged looking owing mostly to a lack of rain

Wild Rose bush (we think) covered with buds
Wild Rose bush (we think) covered with buds

but we expected today to be a slow visitor day and therefore a good day to hit the mowers.  Patty started up top with the riding mower while I went down and got the Cove and Cobblestone Beach Trails with the weed whacker and mower.  The gull in the camping area is still ensconced there and not willing to let us near her nest still but I tried.  She came as close to hitting me in the head as any gull so far so I just moved on – eventually, her eggs will have to hatch and we can get in there again.  At least the grass hasn’t grown too tall.  I did manage to run through the camping area, pushing the mower ahead of me, to avoid her dive at my head.  I’d like to point out that she’s huge – like the size of a small turkey.

Sort of chilaquiles type dish for lunch
Sort of chilaquiles type dish for lunch

By the time I was finished with the trails, Patty radioed down to check on how far I’d gotten and she said she had not only finished with the riding mower but had also finished all the push mowing, which I usually do at least part of because of a big hill, and was coming down to help me.  Either she was really cruising this morning or I was moving slow.  By the time she got down the hill, I had finished the hilly part of the mowing down below and she took over on the push mower while I did the weed whacking.  We did find a find a much appreciated $20 donation in the box by the info kiosk – always a nice discovery.  We also saw a wild rose bush (we think) along the Lighthouse Trail that is just starting to bloom.  We have a lot of these same bushes all over the island and expect them to be really beautiful when they’re in full bloom.

Salad with london broil and side of bread with cheese (and even two small pieces of leftover pizza) for dinner
Salad with london broil and side of bread with cheese (and even two small pieces of leftover pizza) for dinner

We headed up together and had a sort of chilaquiles type thing for lunch with totopos, and leftover from our last meal with Terri & John – beans, rice, chicken, etc. Yum!  Throughout the morning, the wind was building and by the time we took a break for lunch, it was blowing pretty hard.  Patty hung a museum and gift shop sign that had been DSC00127hanging in another spot but every time it was windy, the thing took a beating.  In the new spot she found, it is highly visible but should also be better protected from the wind.  I tried adding to our video collection and did one of the lighthouse tower but watching and listening to it afterwards, it was all wind noise in parts so I’ll have to do another later.

DSC00129We hadn’t had any visitors by this point and didn’t expect any with the deteriorating weather so we just kept doing little chores and tasks to keep busy.  Up and down the hill a couple of times for water or to consolidate gas cans, puttering in the kitchen, a little cleaning, etc.  ForDSC00127 sure, nothing too exciting but it was ok to have quiet day to catch up on things.

For dinner, Patty made a big salad with London broil from the other night along with some bread and cheese (she always includes that with a big salad meal, mostly for me).  We got just a hint of a sunset but it was so windy that we wouldn’t have lingered outside to watch it for a few minutes regardless.  I did get a get a few pictures which was a good thing because we didn’t take many other pictures today and what we did take were almost all of our food.  Speaking of which, we always feel kind of strange including pictures and descriptions of food in the blog but we’ve been told people are interested in that so we include it.  Feel free to tell us that’s true or otherwise.

Visitors – 0IMG_0747

Favorite Moment(s) – seeing wild rose bush just starting to bloom with buds all over it.

Sunrise – 4:47am
Sunset – 8:19pm

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