August 21, 2016

It was nice and cool this morning with sunny skies and a light easterly breeze.  We took coffee to the porch and then Patty made egg sandwiches with tomato and cheese for breakfast.  The morning was otherwise quiet until our first guest arrived on his own boat around 10 o’clock.  Shortly after, a couple arrived, also in their own boat.

Egg sandwiches for breakfast
Egg sandwiches for breakfast

Ethan arrived at his regular time and radioed up that he’d brought some paperwork from the office for us and asked if one of us could come down to get it.  I went down while Patty was giving a tour to the couple that arrived in their own boat.  Once down there, Ethan asked me to come out to the boat to talk about one of our new moorings that’s gone missing.  On Friday, three boats were tied to it and we haven’t seen it since.  The folks on those boats spent the day in the cove but never came up so we don’t have a way to get in touch with them to see if they know what happened.  It’s a bummer because I know it was probably expensive to have all the mooring chains, ropes, and buoys replaced and one of our six is now lost.

Ethan rowed me back in so I could go up the hill to help Patty who had started giving tours to the first people in the ferry group to get up the hill.  We switched our normal places for a while and I worked the museum and gift shop while Patty ran the tower tours.  In the gift shop, I met a couple that was interested in the Seguin “piano” ghost story and asked me if I knew the name of the keeper involved and when it happened.  I’ve never specifically heard the who or when and said I didn’t know but another two women visiting together overheard us and wanted to know also and tried Googling it on their phones.  In the end, they found it was vague which I guess it has to be to keep the story alive.

Wet suits drying on the tramway.
Wet suits drying on the tramway.

I chatted with the couple that Patty took up in the tower earlier this morning and they told me they are members of Maine Islands Trails Association (MITA) who does volunteer work on Seguin and other islands.  Apparently they have a guide book of island trails and these visitors were able to checkoff some of ours as the first they hiked as MITA members.

As Ethan’s group was leaving, three kayakers arrived, having paddled over from Popham.  Two of them were visiting from Montreal and the third was a local who is friends with Julie, a FOSILS board member and regular Wednesday Warrior.  I made sure to point out the infamous gift shop screen door as one of the projects Julie worked on this summer.  Two of the guys were really tall, I’d guess well over 6’ 6” and had to really contort themselves to get out onto the catwalk up in the tower.

Phil Jermain, former F.O.S.I.L.S. board member.
Phil Jermain, former F.O.S.I.L.S. board member.

Phil Jermain was one of five in another group that visited in the afternoon.  Phil is a past President of F.O.S.I.L.S. and he led the tour of his group and I tagged along to listen to his spiel.  I had heard everything he shared with the other four in his group except the fact that the original lens shipped to Seguin was the wrong one and had to be exchanged for the correct one.  I wondered how long that took but he didn’t know the answer.  Phil also showed Patty a number of things in the museum of note to him (photos of him, etc.) and pointed out other things he had worked on in F.O.S.I.L.S. early years.

Along with Phil’s group, three others joined us in the tower for Phil’s tour – it was a dad with his two children.  The dad told us they visited last year and got pictures of the house, inside the tower, and elsewhere but no picture of the outside of the tower and decided they should come back to get that shot.  He also didn’t bring his wallet last time but he did this visit so they picked up a few things in the gift shop to take home with them.

Black beans tacos for dinner
Black beans tacos for dinner

Around dinner time, a single guy came up to visit the museum and tower.  He told us he was sailing south and when Patty asked his final destination, she was surprised to hear Cuba.  He said his boat insurance just started allowing boaters with their coverage to visit Cuba and he already planned to go to the Caribbean and figured he go to Cuba too.  Patty and I had the opportunity to take a short trip to Cuba several years ago and she told him how much we liked the people, food, and music in Old Havana where we stayed the entire time.  He planned to stay in the cove overnight tonight and then press on tomorrow towards Portland and beyond.

Storm clouds building?
Storm clouds building?

A final visitor came up in just his swimsuit – presumably he swam ashore – and went to sit on sunset bench for a few minutes and then headed down the hill again.  We never did talk with him and I suspect he was a little chilly in the breeze.

Patty soaked a batch of black beans yesterday and today she slow cooked them for dinner.  We had black bean tacos with white corn tortillas, diced tomato & onions, shredded cheese, jalapenos, and, of course, guacamole.

The forecast calls for rain overnight and into the morning along with strong winds tomorrow.  As the day wound down, we could see thick clouds over the mainland and fog building in the mouth of the Kennebec.  Maybe the forecast will be accurate?

Visitors – 46

Favorite Moment(s) – Learning a new Seguin fact from Phil

Sunrise – 5:41am
Sunset – 7:24pm

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