Rainbow for Rita

  Saturday July 23, 2016 Warm, sunny, and clear skies was our weather start of the day, along with our coffee, we had a couple of scones (we think) for breakfast that we ate with a spoon.  The...

Surprise Visit

Thursday July 21, 2016 When we got up this morning we looked outside first thing to see if Yogi, the one and only gull we recognized (by behavior) enough to know, was still perched at the edge of the...

Beer Delivery

Tuesday July 19, 2016 We had plans to mow this morning before visitors arrived (or at least to get a start on it) but by 8am, we had a woman knocking on the vestibule door.  Closer to banging really...

Dodged the Big Storm

Monday July 18, 2016 We woke up to the sound of the foghorn sounding off and a very thick fog blanketing the island.  We had steel cut oats with fresh fruit, nuts, seeds, and granola for breakfast a...

Wind and Fog and Rain

Thursday July 14, 2016 We started off the morning with Bracken Mountain Bakery cranberry scones shipped to us by our friend Jude back in Brevard along with coffee.  Mmmmm…they were good.  Already...

Island is Open!

Seguin Island is now open to visitors. Make your plans today!
We look forward to seeing you ashore!

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