Busy week if one counts Wednesday-Friday small craft advisories with no visitors until Friday afternoon.

Tuesday brought out 9 kids and 2 counselors from Teen Treks, a summer program sponsored by Freeport public school system.

The one sailor on Friday was a very interesting fellow who used to be a lobsterman in Casco Bay, sold his lobster boat for a sailboat and sails all around the Maine coast in the summer.  First time at Seguin, hiked all the trails.

The “Wednesday Warriors” came out Saturday when Greg and Mary were finally able to get groceries and do laundry in Bath.  The traditional Heritage Days events were going on and the town was mobbed.  Delighted to get back to Seguin!

Sunday saw 60 visitors.  They came in sailboats, lobster boats, Ethan’s Seguin Ferry, two kayaks and one jet ski.  Time to chat with many of the visitors produced stories on child rearing, second marriages, fishing for a living and fishing for fun.  The day ended with a big crowd of Georgetown lobster families who had just attended the yearly Blessing of the Fleet in Five Islands.  Several of the kids swam to shore in the Cove.


Mary’s friend Jay kayaked from Popham in 50 minutes on Sunday!

Looking forward to July 4th and marching with the Seguin float in the Bath parade.

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