Cloudy and cold…



This past week marked by rain, clouds, high surf and cool temps. Greg and Mary used the week to paint and clean museum and store. When the rain stopped, they restarted the invasive plant protocols.



Small craft advisories…




Poison Ivy in the marsh…





Poison ivy and sumacs are ubiquitous on this and all NE islands.  Our protocols aim at control rather than eradication.  We kill the poison ivy encroaching on walking trails, and keep trails wide enough to walk in middle.

With sumac, we cannot have brush fires, so selective cutting is done to patches which threaten the 360 degree views which visitors come to Seguin to enjoy.

Sumacs to be cut before they grow…

The sun is out and two boats overnighted in the Cove last night.  We expect boaters waiting for the weather to change will take advantage of today.

The Assistant Keeper Quarters are ready for next weekend’s guests and the bunk house is ready for overnight volunteers who know that hard work on Seguin is also joyful.


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