July 19, 2016

We had plans to mow this morning before visitors arrived (or at least to get a start on it) but by 8am, we had a woman knocking on the vestibule door.  Closer to banging really.  And talking very loudly on her cell phone.  I hope this doesn’t sound like complaining, it was more peculiar than anything.  She said she didn’t realize anyone was here – a little early morning WP_20160719_11_10_30_ProB&E action?  In any event, I showed her into the museum and told her we could go up in the tower in a few minutes.  Patty had just finished putting together the ingredients for a western omelet and potatoes when she arrived and we wanted to eat something however we quickly had English muffins instead.

After we had a quick bite, I met her back in the museum and took her up into the tower.  She turned out to be an interesting person, sailing alone, she had spent the night in the cove last night and genuinely seemed to be surprised to find anyone here in spite of the signs down at the cove for the museum, gift shop, and tours

Wednesday Warrior Floyd & his family.
Wednesday Warrior Floyd & his family.

and the signs in front of the house with the same.  After the tour, she went back into the museum where Patty was and looked around before going back down to her boat.

We were told today that this plant, which grows around poison ivy, is an antidote to poison ivy. Don't want to need it but it's good to know.
We were told today that this plant, which grows around poison ivy, is an antidote to poison ivy. Don’t want to need it but it’s good to know.

Later in the morning, we were sitting down for an early lunch (aforementioned Western Omelet with potatoes) prior to the arrival of Ethan’s ferry when Floyd, one of the F.O.S.I.L.S. volunteer Wednesday Warriors, and his extended family arrived in their own boat.  They brought a picnic with them and urged us to go ahead and eat our lunch (I think they could smell the ham cooking) while they had their picnic and then go up in the lighthouse.  That worked out perfectly for everyone – we all ate and they were able to spend a nice amount of time in the tower before any other visitors arrived.

Another picture of F.O.S.I.L.S. volunteer Floyd and his family.
Another picture of F.O.S.I.L.S. volunteer Floyd and his family.

Shortly after 11:30, the first of Ethan’s ferry group came up the hill.  The way the ferry works, people that are interested in visiting the island are dropped at the cove but others can stay aboard and go fishing while the Seguin Island visitors are ashore.  We could see the Leeward as it moved south along the coast of Seguin and it looked like a lot of folks chose to

Fishing trawler heading towards the Kennebec from the northeast of Seguin
Fishing trawler heading towards the Kennebec from the northeast of Seguin

stay aboard to fish.  I think he had a pretty full boat in total but we only had eleven come up the hill to visit – usually more chose to come ashore than that.

One of our visitors was a single woman that just purchased a summer place in West Bath and we chatted with her awhile about the area.  We also had a family that introduced themselves as “The Sullivans” but they aren’t any relation to Patty as far as we can tell.  Additionally, we had one other family of four and a couple.  Really, it was somewhat quiet for a ferry visit but we did also have one other couple come up mid-day that arrived in their own boat.

Sailboats heading into and out of the cove.
Sailboats heading into and out of the cove.

Just as Ethan’s group started to move towards the cove, we got a call on the VHF channel we use (78) – “Seguin Island, Seguin Island.  Come in Seguin Island.”  We have never received a call from off the island except the one recent occasion when the Coast Guard called us on 16 regarding an adrift sailboat just south of Seguin.  We do sometimes tell people moored in the cove that we monitor 78 if they want to try to reach us for any reason so we guessed it was someone down there.  It wasn’t.  Instead it was a guy that visited Seguin a couple of weeks ago with his family and had been really complimentary about the tour, thanked us for our hospitality, and praised the appearance of the trails, lawns, etc.  He was passing by Seguin today on the way back to his home marina and had some cold Sierra Nevada Pale Ale’s iced down in his cooler.  The call was to ask if we wanted them.  Well, Yes!  Two minutes later, I met him down in the cove and waded out to the bow of his boat which he inched up towards the beach and we did the transfer.  Guests waiting for Ethan’s ferry were quite impressed with the transaction!

I went back up the hill with four super cold Sierra’s and three gallons of water from the

Sailboats in the cove with Ethan's Leeward in the distance heading towards Seguin.
Sailboats in the cove with Ethan’s Leeward in the distance heading towards Seguin.

Engine House.  Once that was all away (saved the beers for a treat later), we both went back down to clean the Clivus and do a few chores down there.

We took a break later for a snack – I had some omelet leftover from this morning and Patty had a turkey sandwich and we both had some of the oatmeal, raisin, chocolate chip cookies Patty made several days ago.  After our snack, we got ready to mow again…and it started to rain.  Rain was not part of today’s forecast of mostly sunny weather but rain it did.  Not a lot but enough to keep us from getting started.  Good thing too because not long after, maybe around 2:30 or a little later, a threesome came up the hill to see the museum and lighthouse.  They were followed a little later but a three generation family of five (our second three generation family of the day), and not much later, a single guy that is sailing up the coast from his home in Baltimore.

That's a cool twenty bucks found in the tower donation box that Patty recently repainted.
That’s a cool twenty bucks found in the tower donation box that Patty recently repainted.

Patty talked to the visitor from Baltimore for a long time and found out he was a traveling nurse, taking temporary or short term jobs in places that have seasonal population and then takes a few months off each year to sail and travel.  He was pretty interesting and after touring the lighthouse (Patty and I both went up the tower with him), he spent quite a while looking at everything in the museum and then he hiked the North Trail.

With our last visitor out on the trail, we finally got started

Fish tacos. Yum!
Fish tacos. Yum!

mowing and were able to complete everything on the top of the hill, Patty on the riding mower and me on the push mower, by around 6.  Patty did take a break from mowing when the Baltimore visitor came back from his hike and bought something in the gift shop.

After mowing, Patty started getting dinner ready while I worked on the blog and then we sat down for fish tacos made with haddock from Plant’s Seafood in Bath along with tomato salad, cheese, and all the other fixings.

Visitors – 33

Full moon rising
Full moon rising

Favorite Moment(s) – getting a delivery of cold Sierra Nevada Pale Ale’s from a prior visitor to Seguin that was passing by in his boat.

Sunrise – 5:04am
Sunset – 8:08pm

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