Tuesday, August 1, 2017 – Another new month

As I sit and write today’s blog, I realize I took only 4 pictures all day and the last one was around 7am.  I am not sure if this is a good or bad thing.  Normally, I try to photo document our day to make it easier to write the day’s entry but either today I was too busy (which we were) or nothing very exciting happened.

I was up as usual before sunrise to take care of the old dogs, Phinneus is almost 16 years old and he is just not a dog that is moving into geriatrics gracefully, he is fighting it every day.  He has begun to pace almost all night long which in turn keeps me up all night long.  So, we can thank Phinneus for the beautiful sunrise pictures I am posting today.

Sunrise from our front porch at 5:28am

There are guests expected on the 11:30 ferry to spend the night in the guest quarters and I needed to bake a batch of cookies for their welcome to Seguin celebration.  I have been baking this Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe for almost 35 years now and I am never truly satisfied with the outcome.  The cookies always taste great but usually it is the appearance that frustrates me, well today after 35 years, I have finally tweeked the recipe to perfection (or until the next time).  A baker is always adjusting a recipe and I think I did it!  I even give the recipe out regularly and posted it with an earlier blog this summer.  The true test will be if I can recreate success on Monday morning when I need to bake another batch for Monday evening overnight’s guests.

A perfect batch of cookies both in taste and appearance

Our guests arrived with help up the hill from other ferry passengers, it is a large hill to carry everything up for just about everyone and it is nice when someone is willing to lend a helping hand.  I got the 4 visitors settled into the guest quarters and continued with the rest of the island guests and their needs.  Brian again stayed on top of the tower and I did the gift shop and the historical information, another successful day of keeping our legs out of muscle fatigue.

A boat tied up for an overnight stay in the cove

The day ended up winding down and everyone on island had a chance to relax and chat some.  The guests wanted to go up the tower for sunset and then after dark, which is Brian’s duty while I am already for a night’s sleep at sunset.  All in all another good day on Seguin and tomorrow is our off day to the mainland.

Guests today – 44

Guests total – 1069

USCG – 6

Thank you for your support!

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