Sunday, August 6, 2017

A favorite view of the island

Wow, there is sun and a horizon, well this is new.  The forecast calls for perfect conditions for a Sunday in Maine during the summer.  Ok, that is the kiss of death for the weather here on the island, rarely do we match the weather on the mainland, but let’s hope.

The difference a day makes, sunny skies today
Foggy day yesterday
We try to explain to people that the island leaves a wake from all of the tide and currents from the various bodies of water surrounding us, well here it is off the south point of the island this morning

One of our first visitors spent the night in the cove on their sailboat, First Flight.  Turns out we are friends on Facebook and we will be working with Emily in Annapolis at the boat shows, nice little coincidence.  Again, it is important to engage with people or you may never find out all of the connections you have with them.  They had a chance to climb the tower and hike the North Trail before heading off to Freeport this morning.

Interesting traffic around the island today

Today’s group of people included a family celebrating their parent’s 50th wedding anniversary, another couple celebrating their 12th anniversary, a little girl had her 6th birthday here, and many return visitors from earlier in the season and FOSILS members.

The ferry also dropped off 2 Parisians who work for the French National Television and were working on a documentary regarding a French plane which was lost in 1927 trying to race across the Atlantic.  From my limited French and their limited English, I came to understand there were 9 planes leaving Europe on May 8, 1927 trying to be the first to successfully cross the Atlantic to New York.  The French plane, L’Oiseau Blanc, was flown by French war hero. On May 9, the French plane disappeared, reportedly over the coast of Ireland.  Supposedly, the keeper here on Seguin reported hearing an airplane engine overhead during this time frame and this couple believe it was the French plane.  They have spent years tracing the history of this plane.  As a side note, Charles Lindbergh successfully crossed the Atlantic a week later on May 20th and took the title of the first aviator to cross the Atlantic.

Another great day for rainbows

As we were giving tours and keeping everyone happy, I noticed a guest picking pea pods from my garden and having a snack.  I realize we have been eating pea pods for 2 weeks now and there are plenty to share but I was taken aback about this, I guess everyone has different thoughts of what is yours is mine!  Sam the Seagull showed up while there were still guests on the plateau and decided to help clean up the leftover food scraps from everyone’s picnics.  Brian gave me the heads up to his arrival from the top of the tower where Brian could get a bird’s eye view of Sam for a change.

Sam from the bird’s eye view of the tower
He is a mooch!

The highlight of the day was the compliments we received for the upkeep of the island and our blog.  We are here on the island on our own most of the time with only about a 5-minute passing from FOSILS board members on Wednesday and we have no idea what the island should look like, but it was nice to have a long time FOSILS member come up to us and compliment us on the care we give the lawn and trails, it meant a lot to us.  Another fun compliment was from a ferry guest who has been following the blog for the past few years and said how much he enjoyed our take on the blog.  Even old volunteers like to hear good things about the work we do!

Tonight, was the full moon and of course, Brian and I had the cameras out and ready.  It was a spectacular sunset and moonrise.  The weather was warm enough to sit out and enjoy both with very few mosquitoes.  This may very well be our last full moon out here on the island because we leave just around September’s full moon, and boy, did we photo document the full moon!

Sun setting behind the cottage
Sunset near the sunset bench
Sunset with the Presidential Mountain range to the right
Walking my way to the full moon



Full Moon








There is always a camera ready for the perfect shot

Good night from a happy couple of volunteers on Seguin Island!

Guests today – 52

Guests total – 1221

USCG – 6

Thank you for your support!

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